What is your next title?

finding your next titleFinding your next job and your next title can either be a piece of cake or a struggle. Many people know what their next job will be.  It might be the same title in a different company, it might be adding “Sr.” to their current title, or it might be something entirely different, but they know what it is.

You are the one who decides what your next title will be.  But the companies and hiring managers are the ones who accept or reject based on what you show them that you can do.  So what can you do?  Do you know what your skills, expertise and abilities are?  Do you know what that complex of abilities is usually called in your industry?

Check out my skill sheets or make your own.  What can you do?  What software do you “own”? What procedures have you done?  Do you want to do them in your next job?  For a quick webcast, click here

Check out a jobs board like Indeed.com and see if these skills add up to the title you think you want.  What else is there?  Can you do those things but forgot about them?

These words are YOUR keywords and you need to use them when you talk about what you have done.

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