Job Search Tip #40 – Your Ideal Companies

Job Search Tip #40

Job Search Tip #40

Do you have a criteria list for your ideal companies?

Having a criteria list for your next company will make your search much easier.

Many people who call me say that they don’t want to restrict their search to just one job title or one area. But that is like saying “I’m going to go fish in the ocean with my network cable and some robe hooks and I’ll eat what I catch.”  Really a complete non sequitur.

You have skills and expertise that really only fits or is useful in certain industries, niches and companies. You also have goals, desires, preferences, and even, needs which can only be met by certain situations.  And those people who tell me that they “don’t want to restrict” their job search are really just telling me that they are scared, even desperate.  They want someone else (The Fairy Job Mother??) to do the hard work of discovering what they really want and need.

So start with the list above:

  • Location
  • Commute
  • Product
  • Industry
  • Size
  • Finances
  • Culture
    and add the things that matter to you

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