Why Dragon-Slaying Stories?

I’ve been looking for red, fire-breathing dragon-slaying stories this week.

knight fighting dragon

I’ve been looking at, scanning, even reading a lot of LinkedIn Profiles this week.  I’m searching for very specific people with very specific skills.  I have to guess if they have them.  Do the process engineers know FACS?  Can they do process development in a viral vector space?  Or are they developing the processes for Wurster Fluid Coating of tablets? 

Even if they have the keywords somewhere on their LinkedIn Profile or in their LabRoots Profile, what have they really done with these keywords?  What problems have they solved?  What were the results?  How long did it take? 

I actually am not fond of fishing – way too much waiting and hoping.  I’d really rather track down my quarry and present the opportunity to the right people. 

If your profiles don’t have the right words and stories, how can someone offer you a job that actually fits your skills and desires? 

Job search and hiring are broken.  You can heal yours by using the right words in the right dragon-slaying stories. 

If you don’t know the difference between FACS and Wurster, I don’t currently have a job for you.  Even if you do, what have you done with that knowledge? 

All jobs are like this.  There are no “any” jobs (as in “I just want a job, any job!”)!  And you are unique.  You have skills, expertise, experience.  No one else has that complex of software, process, training, education, etc.  You have the solutions to specific problems in your head.  And there are some problems that you have solved that you never want to see again!  Show us what you have done!  Tell us your dragon-slaying stories!  (Just not the ones you never want to see again!)

If you want to learn how to find your own, particular, keywords, HERE and we will discuss how to find yours