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 Do you know the companies which have your bioscience job even before they do?

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Just sending out your (generic) resume to job postings is not going to do it.  Your chances of getting an interview are down around 2%, even if you write it for the Applicant Tracking System.  But if you know which companies are actually doing the things you want to do….  Well then you are well on your way to your next job and won’t waste your time with companies and jobs you actually, really, don’t want.

You must network. But not with every single person in the whole world!  Just with the ones you have found at the right companies. But you are the one who must decide which those companies are.

Diversity networking 302x200

No company hires unless they have a dragon and need a knight!  You only want to slay the dragons you know how to slay.  Which companies are most likely to face those dragons? How can you find them?  And who in the company will tell you about the dragon?

Want to talk about it?  purchase accutane (isotretinoin)

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