Where is my Bioscience Job? How can I find it?

Where is my Bioscience Job?

The most common question I hear is “Where is My Bioscience Job?” or some variation.

I know what job I want next in my biotechnology career, but where is it?
You have spent years developing the skills for your biotechnology career, but where is it? You know some of the companies that are working in biotech, but there are many more, from startups to mid-size companies, even large ones that you simply are not aware of. And you don’t know if they are looking for you.

You could simply go online and apply to anything that looks remotely appropriate, but will your resume even make it through the applicant tracking system in their computer?

If you meet with all your friends and relatives to see if they know of an open position you would qualify for, you will find that not very many of them are actually in the biotechnology industry – some are academics, some work in other industries and many really don’t understand what it is you can do.

Spending time trying to network with recruiters is not really helpful as recruiters are the last resort of companies and only know a few of the open positions that their clients have.

So what is a bright, ambitious scientist or manager to do?

When I ask the job seekers whom I meet at networking meetings which companies they are most interested in, they usually give me maybe 3 companies, all huge, household names: Genentech, Bayer, etc.  They don’t know anyone who works there or only know a few people, none of whom are in the department they would best fit in.

You can have anything you want, as long as you know what it is and are willing to work for it.  Knowing which companies, in which industry and niche, would give you the kind of career you want, is essential to being able to move forward in your career.

Bioscience workers are smart and creative, not factory workers, and will need to be intellectually engaged and using that college (and graduate) degree.  You need to keep learning things.  So you need to know where the things you want to learn are being used and/or discovered.

No company hires unless they have a dragon and need a knight!  You only want to slay the dragons you know how to slay.  Which companies are most likely to face those dragons? How can you find them?  And who in the company will tell you about the dragon?

Who has my bioscience job?

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