What words should I use in my resume?

https://biosciencejobkit.com/store-2/#!/Full-review-your-resume-or-CV-and-advice-for-changes/p/50288854Since you have your online Profiles filled out and are using both keywords and skills & expertise in it, you have a good start on your resume. 

You have written your PAR statements and have a chronological list of your jobs which you keep privately on your computer.

You have recorded the words your networking partner at each company used to describe their problem(s). 

You have been asked to submit a resume or your job finally showed up online at the companies you had on your watch list. 

Now is the time to write a resume for that particular job at that particular company. 

Start with your name and contact information, of course. Do I still need to say “Make sure your email address is professional”?

Don’t bother with an “objective” as your resume (unlike your profiles and PAR statements) is not about you.  It is a piece of marketing collateral that speaks about that particular company’s problem and how you can solve it; plus proof that you have done similar things before.

So start with 3 to 5 bullet points about the things you know are issues for the company that you know that you can do and that you want to do. 

Use the notes you took to decide which of the items in the position description (if you have one) are the issues that the team is really concerned about.  There are always seven ways to say something.  Use the way that your networking partner from that company used. Make these full sentences, not single words or phrases.

If you are applying “cold” to an online job posting, be sure to print out the position description first and highlight all the keywords used in it. Use those in your bullets and PARs. This allows the Applicant Tracking System to “see” the “fit”. 

Then list each of your titles and dates you held them along with the name of the company and a short statement about what they do (or did).

Below each position, use one of your PAR statements.  Tell the story of what you were hired to do, how you did it and the outcome.  Use the language from your notes for that company or language from the position description.  Use first person sentences…”I was hired because XYZ company needed someone to….”

List your awards, publications, and education at the bottom.

By using that company’s language or jargon, you are proving that you are a member of their “tribe”.  By translating the PAR statements from another company, you are provided proof that you can do these things because someone else hired you to do them.

Don’t use words that this company didn’t use unless you are certain that they would have if you had asked the right questions. 

Make your suitability simply leap off the page.  Don’t make the reader hunt for it and then have to translate it. 



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