What skills are you good at?

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You have lots of skills, expertise, knowledge, abilities and talents.  Which ones do you want to be paid for?

I sometimes get calls from people who “just want a job, any job”.  Besides the fact that there are no “any jobs”, you will be very unhappy if you had a job that doesn’t use your skills, expertise, knowledge, abilities and talents.  On the other hand, you have some of those that although you are good at them, you really don’t want to be paid to do them.  For instance, I’m really good at cleaning refrigerators, but I don’t want it to be part of my job. 

What skills, etc., do you have that are highly valued and well-paid?  Do they amount to a job you want? 

Sometimes I talk with grad students who don’t really know where to start and don’t have titles that could help or descriptions of jobs they have filled in the industry they want.  Other times, I talk with very senior people who have so much information it is tough to choose.  Are you one of these people?

One of the problems of students is that they think that they don’t really know anything or at least not well.  What they need to realize is that you don’t have to be the very best, you just need to be better than your competition. (Remember the hikers who were chased by a bear and one said to the other, “We are not faster than that bear” and the other said, “I just have to be faster than you.”)  Their job is finding the job where what they know is what is needed.

For the senior people, who have done so much and forgotten half of it, it is more a matter of choosing what they like to do.

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