Visible online so hiring managers and recruiters can find you

Be visible online

Being visible online is the 2nd main step, after you know what you have to offer, how your industry talks about that and what you want in your ideal job.

Being visible is both online and in person.  Even shy people can do this.

Of course we think first of LinkedIn and there are a number of posts here about it.  But LinkedIn is NOT the be all and end all of online visibility.  Other social media is also useful.  G+ if you have a Gmail account can be quite useful, especially if someone simply “googles” your name.  But you want your keywords to bring you up too!

Twitter is also a good place to be.  Be sure that your Twitter account (perhaps your 2nd or 3rd Twitter handle) is professional and not full of “sex, religion or politics”.  Join groups centered around your industry and niche, engage in Twitter chats, follow people who are influencers or who work at companies you want to join.  Contribute.

The best places to be are your particular trade associations and societies.  Here is a link to some of the ones I’ve belonged to or use in my recruiting.  If you have a user name and password, you probably have a profile.  Use that space to tell your colleagues and others who look at it what it is that you do and want to do next.  Here is my profile at RAPS

Where are you visible?

Do you have questions about your safety online?  about how to present yourself? You can’t be hired unless someone knows you and putting all your eggs in one resume basket will not get you the job.  You will need to use the words you discovered in step one – Know what you can and want to do, what it is called and what your ideal job would be.   But keeping that close to your chest will not allow anyone else to “see” you in their company, solving their problems.

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