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Are you prepared for online, on-camera, video interviews?


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English: A Logitech QuickCam Chat for Skype webcam Italiano: Una webcam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you know how to use Skype?  G+ Hangouts? Your cell phone? Other online interview sites?  Does your computer even have a webcam?  More and more companies are using these tools to do first interviews, especially if you are not local to the company you are interviewing with.

It is not hard to use these tools but you don’t want your first time to be in the interview.  You need and want to make a good impression.

Make sure that the background that can be seen behind you is bland and not distracting – hang a sheet or use a blank wall.  You don’t want the interviewer wondering where you are and what that is in the background.

Be sure you know how to use the webcam and the tool that you will be using.  Plan to use it first with a friend or colleague.  Many people are very comfortable with their webcam but many of us are not daily users and need to get more comfortable.  You don’t want the camera to point up your nose (all too common with a cell phone or tablet), be too close or miss your face altogether.

Unlike phone interviews where you can be in your sweats, do wear the same clothes that you would to a face-to-face, in-person interview.  Look nice and be sure to smile.

Do have notes for your answers and questions but don’t look at them continually. Place them as close to the camera as you can so that you can look into both the eyes of the interviewer and see your notes.  Don’t read them.  

Do you have other tips for video interviewing?

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