Uncommon Job Search Strategies

uncommon job search strategies

Have you seen these uncommon job search strategies?

I’ve been cruising the web looking at various job search strategies and found a few very uncommon job search strategies and some excellent suggestions.

The  NY State Department of Labor has written the (well, a) book about it.  You can get it here .

Monster has a page full of unconventional methods here.


People have used Facebook to invite certain people to be their “friend” if that person works at the company the job seeker wants to work at.  Takeaway – know where you want to work.

Your Blog

People have put out a blog to share what they do.  Takeaway – this is a long-term project that creates a “personal brand” but may not be very direct.  And you have to be a strong writer (or become one!)


Twitter has been used to create a community and network within it.  Takeaway – you have to really understand Twitter and you can’t simply “vent” about your job search frustrations.

Video resumes

Video resumes are being touted as the next great thing.  Takeaway – it has to be professional and the person you are sending it to has to have the time and want to open it.

But they all boil down to

But they all boil down to knowing what you want next (Do you have a complete list of your skills and expertise?) and connecting with the right people. Most open positions are filled through personal networking

Do you know what you want? 

I think that this is the hardest or easiest part of a job search – hard because you  have so many skills and may not know which ones you want to use in a job and get paid for or easy because you can keep doing what you did last but for a new company.

Post a comment and tell me what you think about what the hard part of job search is (beyond the economy)! For some coaching on this topic, click here

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