Target Your Message and Your Job Search

How do you target your job search?

Starting a job search with your resume in hand but no idea of who to give it to is like putting on your fox-hunting gear, climbing up on your horse and trying to ride off in ALL directions.

Before you write that resume or apply to that job posting, take some time to target your search.  What do you want to do in your next job?  What is important and interesting to you?

Where do you want to work?  What is your criteria?

Which of the people who currently work there know you and what you are good at?

When was the last time you connected with them?

Do you know what problem they are working on?  Or the language they use to talk about it?

Can you help? (Not solve it completely, but make a few suggestions?)

Are you following up?  Will they remember you before they hire someone else?

When they finally invite you to send a resume or apply, do you then write that piece of advertising called a resume?  It should be all about how you can help them solve their problem, written in their jargon about the things you know you can and want to do as applied to their issues.  Then proof that you can indeed do these things.

I have a step-by-step program for the bioscience professionals who want to take their



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