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An example of a social network diagram. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Networks, whether for your career, your family, your social groups or your hobby are all about your relationship with each person.  Who do you know, how do you know them and why are you in this relationship?  Mixing them on Facebook or LinkedIn or other social media can make this a bit muddy.  One way to clear them up is to develop a spreadsheet that you can sort by type of network.  Of course some people may be in all of your networks or only just one. 

Most people are in personal relationships with about 25 people – about the same number of people with whom our ancestors lived in their tribes or households.  These would be your significant other, your parents, your children, your cousins (if close), your best friend, etc.  If one of these people had a job for you, you would already have it.

When humans developed villages those grew to 150 to 400 people, but it seems that purchase generic accutane is the limit for humans to really know.   Even today, we have a tough time listing more than these 150 from the top of our head. 

purchase accutane (isotretinoin) is a link to a number of pages about the Dunbar Number – Robin Dunbar’s study about how many people a human can really relate to.   I’m wondering if this limit is a “snapshot” and not about the total number of people you can “drink a beer with” over the course of a lifetime. 

What do you think?  Please do tell me below.

Do you have a plan to build and use your network for your career or your hobby? 

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You know the answer – networking.  Another way to look at it is that finding a job is a sales and marketing job.  If you have never had a sales job, and even if you have had, it can be difficult to look at your career as a product to be sold.  We all best place to buy accutane online uk – certain that there are a million of us wanting the same job with exactly the same set of (minimal) skills.  But no, you are unique – where can i buy accutane online uk are uniquely your own and the job is to find the company that needs exactly those skills.  So this becomes a treasure hunt.  And you need to ask for can you buy accutane online uk.

Networking is when you give something that doesn’t cost you too much to someone who values it and he/she does the same.  Each networking session is one where you need to give, not beg.  And you need to give enough (the rule of thumb is 4 times before you ask for something) that the person you are interacting with wants to give you something in return.

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linkedin (Photo credit: Inmobiliaria Lares, Cangas)

Have you looked at your where can i buy accutane in canada Profile lately?  Or any of your other ones (G+,where can i buy accutane yahoo, where can i buy accutane in stores, and the specialized ones)?  Does what you say there reflect what you have accomplished this year?  What you have learned? 

Whether or not you will be looking for a new job in 2014, now is the time to brag a little, or at least record what you have done.

Do you know what industry you want to be in in 2015?  Does your profile show how you are a member of that “tribe”?  Do you use the keywords used there?  If you don’t know what they are, take a number of job postings and company webpages and put them in where can i buy accutane in nigeria and see which words show up the most.  Are these your keywords?  Do you “own” them?  Have you used them in your Profile summary and in the descriptions of your previous jobs? 

This is not about a current job search (although it is essential that you do this if you are looking), it is about what you know and what you do.  You can enhance your current job by focusing on how you use these skills and expertise in this job.  Many people don’t fill out their LinkedIn Profile and don’t really have a record of what they do and have done.  This makes it much harder for recruiters and employers to find you, but it also means that the people who “check you out” on social media don’t really get a good understanding of you, your work and what you are interested in.  Your “social and personal brand” suffers.  You get to control this, so you might as well! 

I recommend that you re-read your Profiles at least once a year to see if they still represent you and your goals.  If you are now in business development and the last time you updated your LinkedIn Profile you were in research, you are not a clear candidate and people wonder what you are really up to!

If you need help with this, please do contact me and we can discuss a professional review of your LI profile or a few quick coaching sessions so you will always be able to do it yourself.

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Networking Model by GD De Gier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3 lessons for targeted networking. Networking is the word we use now to include everything from talking with old friends to making new ones.  But we can now use social media to map it and extend the speech beyond our neighbors.  The topics we “network” about can be everything from “Do you know whose dog this is?” to “Can you help me find a job?”

We will talk about finding a job and about making the connections that will lead to that.

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Rhythm, a sequence in time repeated, featured in dance: an early moving picture demonstrates the waltz. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first lesson for networking for a job is that you have to do your homework – you have to be prepared.  Just like you don’t walk into a dance for the first time and ask just anyone to dance, you don’t want to use your limited time for networking to spend it dancing with people who don’t know anything about your field or the companies you need to know. 

So be targeted.  What is your next step?  What companies have need of your skills?  Who works there?  Now you know who you need to network with – people who work for the companies you want to work for.  And even more specifically, people who are not the hiring manager (yet). 

Lesson 1: Know whom you want to talk with before you get to the event or are introduced.

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The second lesson is that you must be interesting to them – how can you help them?  What are they all about?  Give three times as much as you ask for.

Lesson 2: Be alert for how you can help, knowledge you have that can help them, people you know you can introduce them to, etc.  And do it!


The third lesson is that the first thing you want to know about their company is whether or not it is a good place to work.  People love to talk about themselves, what they have achieved, or what they do for a living.  Ask so the you can get your questioned answered.

Lesson 3: Ask the people you are talking with what they do and how they like it.  Ask how their company is doing and what is the best thing about the company.  Don’t talk about yourself unless asked and turn it back to them as soon as possible.

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Tell us some of your social networking tips and stories!

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Water Polo (Photo credit: Flying Cloud)

The latest thing in social media recruiting is the formation and development of “talent pools”.  Not just a list or “talent pipeline”,  these pools are social and interactive places where employees, alumni and people who want to be employees can converse and interact about various things that are happening at the company.  The company may be crowdsourcing ideas to solve problems or announcing their latest discoveries or who won the company water polo match.


Do the companies you are interested in have such pools?  They may be hosted on the company website, but may also be in can i buy accutane in mexico Groups, where to buy accutane in kuala lumpur or elsewhere on the ‘Net.


And how do you get in them?


  1.  Know which companies you are interested in
  2. Check their website and LinkedIn company page
  3. Check LinkedIn Groups, Yahoo Groups, buy legit accutane, buy liquid accutane, etc. for the name of the company
  4. Join the group (even if it is an alumni group, they may well let you join)
  5. Read the discussions at least weekly and join in when you have something to say, “like”, applaud, verify their statements, follow their tweets,  but be present
  6. After contributing for a few weeks, post a discussion yourself, introduce yourself to a few of the most regular posters (both currently employed at the company you are interested in and not)
  7. Invite the ones that respond to buy accutane london with you or buy accutane online with mastercard them.
  8. Keep in touch, perhaps say that you are interested in job openings for (your next title) and do they know about any such.  But don’t abandon the group if you get no replies to this.  Hang in there and keep contributing!

buy research accutane you went to the networking event and gathered at least three business cards, now what?

1.  Immediately get them in your contact list.

2.  Email them to acknowledge that you met.  Follow up with the notes you made on their card (send what you said you would, introduce them to the person you said you would, etc. Ask them if they use social media and which site they prefer.

3. When you know which they prefer, invite them to LinkIn, be Friends, or follow them on Twitter.

4. Then keep in touch regularly

*Social Media
*Birthday card
*Work anniversary
*What else?

Mark Wiedelman Senior Project Manager Consultant at Health Care Service Corporation: The most important factor in building and maintaining a personal or professional network is effort. You must put in the time. Before LinkedIn came along, I used to maintain a list of my professional networking people. My goal was to reach out and contact each one every year. I had several hundred people in my network at that time, so I had to call, email, meet for lunch every person every year. It took time and effort.

Can you make a plan to contact, email, phone, meet for coffee or lunch each person in your network every year?  And the ones that you really like or really need help from even more often? How did you build that “inner circle”?  How do you keep it warm?  You don’t need to do that much with your outer circle but it is very important to keep people from slipping over the edge into “Them” after only a few contacts.  Unless, of course, it was not a fit to begin with and you are both happy to let it go.  Remember that, prince or pauper, we only get 24 hours in the day.

Lisa Nofzinger Telephone Operator (Contract employee–client 3M) at Adecco: I find in maintaining a network, phone calls are very important. I call people in my network a lot. For me it’s better than email. I also send holiday cards.

Ned James Marketing pro: Be sure to reach out to members of your network periodically to just touch base. This could be a phone call, an email maybe even a tweet. But, make sure you are connected with them and don’t lose touch with them.

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And it is your where to buy accutane that will be viewed the most.

There is some debate about the legality of all of this, but why not make it serve your advantage? Clean up your profile and don’t be dumb – don’t post “I’m so drunk” or overly revealing pictures when you want a professional job!


“Transparency” is the word now – people hire people and expect that you are more than what is on your résumé, but make it attractive.

Don’t lose a job because one night after too much to drink, you posted naked pictures of yourself – even politicians can’t get away with that!


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So the other night I was chatting with my brilliant scientist/entrepreneur friend Dr. Laura Hales (not to be confused with accutane order online from canada) about how I really want to start doing more networking but was having trouble finding the time.

She mentioned how helpful LinkedIn had been for her own business, order generic accutane, a scientific writing and editing firm. As I listened with rapt attention, I started thinking, hey, this should be a blog post to go along with our order generic accutane online from how can i order accutane. Laura agreed to write it — and here it is.

OK, so you posted your profile on LinkedIn, connected with some colleagues, got a few recommendations … now what?

Advanced Tip 1: It’s your profile; here’s how to make it feel that way.

Here’s how to make it happen in five easy steps:

  1. Upload a good headshot. Crop out the background so that your face survives the shrinkage in quality and size required by LinkedIn.
  2. Accurately define yourself in your professional headline — along with your headshot, this shows up in LinkedIn whenever you do.
  3. Update your status frequently with a tweet, a new blog post, an interesting article you read or a seminar you’re thinking of attending. This will keep you appearing in the digest of network activity that is sent to your connections every week.
  4. Fill your “Specialties” section with industry-related keywords so that people can find you in a targeted search.
  5. Customize your profile’s URL. This makes it easy for people to find you quickly (hit the “Edit” button next to “Public Profile” on your homepage and choose your own URL. Mine is: how to order accutane online). Add it to your email signature.

Advanced Tip 2: You can join up to 50 groups. Max yourself out!

Use keywords to search for groups to join that can help you accomplish your goals, whether that’s finding a job or your next client.

To avoid looking like a LinkedIn Groups “Junkie” (or to keep that job search under wraps), you can choose to hide a group on your profile. You can either do this when you join the group (by unclicking “Display the Group Logo on My Profile”) or at a later date (go to your Edit Profile page, hit “Change Visibility” next to the group’s name). If you stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, you could even start your own group! Spam all your connections and see who joins.

Advanced Tip 3: Now that you’ve joined these groups, participate.

There are so many ways to do this. Here are a few I’ve tried that really work:

  • Start a new discussion asking for thoughts on a current trend in your field.
  • Post interesting articles and include your opinion, or a thought-provoking question to the group about the article.
  • Publish a link to your latest blog post, including an attention-grabbing headline about it. (Use to shorten the blog post’s URL, and go back to later to get analytics and see how many people clicked on your link.)

A related tip: To share a network update such as a blog post or article with multiple groups at once, hit the “Share” button after the update appears on your profile, then check the “Post to Groups” box. This allows you to enter in multiple group names to post your update. Subscribe to a digest of the activity in your groups and post comments on others’ discussions. This is a great way to gain exposure in your field and showcase your knowledge about various topics.

Advanced Tip #4: Add applications to your profile (found under the “More” tab on your profile page).

LinkedIn users can incorporate a multitude of add-ons into their profile, with more being added all the time. These applications include:

  • Reading List by Amazon: Not so much for the book you’re reading about potty training your two-year-old, but more about books relevant to your field or profession. Include your opinion about the book in a few sentences.
  • WordPress/BlogLink: This automatically posts the title and the first few sentences of your latest blog entries.
  • Tweets: Get on how to order accutane!
  • Events: Let your network know what seminars, conferences and other events you’re planning to attend.
  • This application lets you share files such as your résumé or a recent presentation you gave.

Advanced Tip #5: Use LinkedIn Answers (also under the “More” tab).

Subscribe to an RSS feed of the discussion groups you want to follow. Post answers to questions in your field of expertise, and if the asker of the question indicates your answer is the “best,” you’re on your way to gaining “expert” status in the community.

LinkedIn boasts that a new member joins every second of every day, making it a powerful networking tool. Good luck using these tips to help advance your career using LinkedIn.

About Dr. Laura Hales

Dr. Hales says she is founder and president of The Isis Group, but really, she’s just a geeky scientist in disguise. Check out her scientific writing and editing blog at is it illegal to order accutane online.

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