What is your next title?

finding your next titleFinding your next job and your next title can either be a piece of cake or a struggle. Many people know what their next job will be.  It might be the same title in a different company, it might be adding “Sr.” to their current title, or it might be something entirely different, but they know what it is.

You are the one who decides what your next title will be.  But the companies and hiring managers are the ones who accept or reject based on what you show them that you can do.  So what can you do?  Do you know what your skills, expertise and abilities are?  Do you know what that complex of abilities is usually called in your industry?

Check out my skill sheets or make your own.  What can you do?  What software do you “own”? What procedures have you done?  Do you want to do them in your next job?  For a quick webcast, click here

Check out a jobs board like Indeed.com and see if these skills add up to the title you think you want.  What else is there?  Can you do those things but forgot about them?

These words are YOUR keywords and you need to use them when you talk about what you have done.

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Before you start your job search

Are you currently looking for your next job?

Or will you be looking in 2019?

Before you start your job search

Before you start your job search, what can you do now?  Most people start with writing a resume, not realizing that a resume is really a piece of advertising and a scratch pad for the interviewer.  This is really starting at the end.

Since finding a job is really a sales job where you only have to make one sale (at least right now!).  But you can take a page from the sales and marketing training book – you need to know who your potential “customers” are and, even more importantly, what your “product” is and what the “features and benefits” of that “product” are.

What are you “selling”?

So you need to take out a piece of paper/open a document and start a list of all your skills

  • What can you do?
  • What are your experiences? 
  • What problems have you solved? 
  • And, sure, what are your credentials? 

This list is NOT a resume.  Keep this list/spreadsheet in your computer so you can select from it when you write your profiles and resumes.  There may be some skills on your list that you don’t want to be doing in your next job.  You may see some gaps that you need to fill before looking for the next step on your career path.

Speaking of your career path, where are you going?

What is the ultimate goal for your career?  What job to you ultimately want to retire from?  Are you now a research scientist and you dream of running your own company?  Or would you prefer to be safely ensconced in a large, profitable pharmaceutical company with your own team working on a particular therapeutic area?  How many steps and titles are you away from your dream?  What would be your next step?  You can always change directions if you take that step and find that it just is not a fit.

Only you can answer these questions and they really are the questions that really need to be answered before you begin looking for the companies you might want or networking.

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Do you have a complete list of your skills and expertise?