Great Tip for job seekers

Great Tip for job seekers

Here is a great tip from Steve Brady

“Keywords, keywords, keywords: Most larger companies and many smaller ones are using automated tracking systems. These sophisticated programs scour your resume and cover letter looking for predetermined keywords that show employers you have the requisite skills for the job. Do the research. Locate the keywords that are important for your industry and make sure they are a part of all your career documents letters, resumes, LinkedIn profile etc.”

Choose the words that represent the job you want next, not all the jobs you have ever held.  What do you want to advertise for?  If you hate doing it, don’t advertise for it!  If you love it, include it!  If every single person who applies for this job can do it, why use up your precious space – using Microsoft Word is rather like using a pencil – yes some are artists, but does this skill really make you stand out from the rest?

Check out this template if you need some help organizing your skills and keywords

Resumes Profiles Keywords – did you miss it?

Re-recording of Resumes Profiles Keywords

We had a great time talking about Resumes Profiles Keywords, but I mangled the tech.  So this is a re-recording, unfortunately without the delightful conversation.  

We had questions about LinkedIn Headlines and how personal to make your LI Profile, about how to move from academia to industry, and more.  Please put yours questions here and I will get them answered asap!