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Do you have your job search map?

You have to have a plan to get a job and putting your whole life on two pieces of paper and spamming everyone you can think of is NOT it! Do you have a job search map?

You need to do targeted networking, but before you pick up the phone or message your LinkedIn connections, you have some pre-work to do.  

What do you want to do next?  Not just the title, but the tasks. What do you want to be paid to do?

Can you be seen online?  Are you visible for recruiters and hiring managers?

Where do you want to work?  What location? What industry, what niche, what companies?

Who do you know there?  What are they working on? Do they know you personally?

Go ahead and apply online if one of these companies has your job posted, but really you need to follow up with the people you know before the hiring manager and the HR team knows that they need you.

When they do, then write the resume for that particular interview at that particular company.

Interview well, in a consultative manner and ask and answer the right questions.

Get hired!

Rinse and repeat, because no job these days lasts for 30 years.

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There are only 4 things you need to know in order to
get a good bioscience job.

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1. Know what you want to be paid to do
2. Know your industry niche and the companies in it
3. Know your network well and, especially, …

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Are you managing your career?  Or is it managing you?


Many people simply “fall” into their jobs.  Is that you?  Or did you spend quite a bit of time and effort learning your trade?  Why stop there?  Learn to manage your career as well – it is not as hard as what you have already learned.

The steps are simple:

Know what you want to do next

Know what you need in your next company

Know which companies offer that

Know who works there

Be known by the people in the companies you want to work in

Know what each company needs next

Follow up!

THEN write your resume

These things take time and you need to start before a job posting hits the internet.  You want to get one of the jobs that are filled at the “Who do we know?” level.

Need some help?

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How to get that job in the biosciences: You have been sold a bill of goods about job search! It is not like ordering pizza. It is much more like finding a marriage partner. And while eHarmony and Tindr seem to make it just that easy, you know that face to face is much more likely to allow you to choose what happens next.

You need to look good, know what you want, be known by the people you want and be remembered, liked and trusted. Here is how.

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Do you have questions and want to see what other people are looking for? Check out how can i buy accutane in uk 

I asked the site for job search questions.  Above I show it to you and talk about my answers to the questions with my opinions.  

Do you have other questions?

Email me at how to buy accutane in uk or come and where to buy accutane in hong kong

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How to choose your next job

choose your next job

Choose your next job?!  Yes, there really are many jobs out there – We are well into the “War for Talent”.

But it can seem like there are no jobs if you don’t know that 75% of them are filled by personal networking before they ever reach a job board.

Who are you talking with?

Do you know what you want to do?

Where you want to do it?

Who is currently doing it there?

What problems they need to solve?

Here is the latest Office Hours talk on How to Choose Your Next Job

For a longer podcast on how to choose the right words, buy accutane online in canada

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LinkedIn is a really important tool for your job search.

Of course you have completely filled out your profile on buy accutane pills online, yes?  And not simply posted a generic resume.  Instead, you have written about the skills you enjoy using and what you have done with them.  You have filled it out as completely as possible and also posted a good picture of you, smiling.

While you are on your profile site, click on the “number of people who have viewed your profile in the last 3 days” button on the right hand side. Do this daily.

These are your first and second degree connections by name and anonymous if more distantly connected.  You can connect with your second degree viewers in many ways – directly, through a first degree connection (check on the viewers profile), through a group you both belong to (you do belong to appropriate groups, yes?), or through the use of Inmail.

Thank them for looking at your profile.

Ask them what you can do for them today.  Interact! Network!  It doesn’t take much time at all!

You need at least 400 people in your LinkedIn Connections to really make this work for you. Most need to be people in your niche, not recruiters, or even your college roommates if they are not in your industry.

“Business friends” are the ones you will work for, find jobs for and who will find jobs for you.  Who are yours?  Do you have a list on your computer?  Do you contact them regularly, even when you are NOT looking for a job?

LinkedIn in your job search is not the only tool.

Your email and social media are important as well.  The phone is too.  Do you know how to use them, long before you write a resume?

Need some help figuring out who they should be or how to keep in contact with them?  safe place to buy accutane online.  ($125/30 minutes)

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Every age you ever were is still inside of you.

Job search can put you right back to 17 again. When you had basically no skills (or very few) and there really were thousands of people just like you.

But you are no longer 17.  You have paid your dues and have gained skills and had experiences that make you unique.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
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You need to know what these things are.  Getting a job is a sales job – you only have to make one sale, not hundreds.  What are your “features and benefits” for the company you want to work in?  Remember that no company hires if they don’t have a problem.  And they only hire when the people they are already paying can’t solve the problem.  So what is your where to buy accutane for each company you want to join?  What makes you you?

You have hundreds of skills.  Some you never want to use again.  Some you “own”. Some you know that you are not quite completely confident in. buy accutane in the uk Grade them!  Choose to search for a job that uses your competencies and gives you the opportunity to increase your skills. It is out there!

If you need help with this, buy accutane in the us and let’s make it happen! $125/30 minutes

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tip 49 - manage the bioscience interview

You got a bioscience interview! Congratulate yourself!  You have passed so many hurdles.

Now don’t blow it by being too eager! Be professional and take control of each bioscience interview from the beginning.

  • Choose a time to interview that will allow you to be completely up to speed.
  • See if they will give you the name of the person who will be interviewing you on the phone.  
  • Review what you are bringing to the table, but more important, what problem the company is trying to solve.  
  • Which of your dragon-slaying stories fits this job?  
  • Which words do you want on the tip of your tongue so you sound like a member of the tribe?  

Want to talk about it first?  where can you buy accutane

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Why is it so hard to find a job? The how to get accutane cheap  shows us that the unemployment rate for people with a professional degree or a PhD is less than 3% which is statistically 0%. 

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So why is it so hard to find a job, even though the economy is better than it was? Especially for fresh inexperienced graduates and well-experienced Boomers?  What is holding you back? Or tripping you up?

Many people think that you find a job like you order a book on Amazon – go online and find the one that looks interesting, click and attach your CV and wait for “the call”. Or they think that holding one of those degrees above is the “E” ticket to a good job and being chased by headhunters and HR people. It is really depressing to find out that it isn’t so.

So what is the way?  where to buy cheap accutane.  But you can still find the right job.

You have learned hard topics, like neurobiology and brain surgery.  Job search skills are not nearly as difficult, but must still be respected, thought through and employed. 

What where to get accutane cheap do you think you don’t have or are missing that should make it easier? Are they lab or bioscience skills?  Or are they job search skills? Can you list your job search skills the way you can your science skills?  

Bonus tip: Learning the skills of job search is easy but there is quite a bit of misinformation or outdated methods still being taught online.  


If you need some personal help, buy accutane 10mg


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