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How to build and develop your LinkedIn profile

How to build and develop your LinkedIn Profile.  It is necessary that you be visible online.  LinkedIn is the premier professional site, but you probably have others – trade associations, G+, etc.  Post there as well!

The job seeker’s tasks are:

To be visible online, known to the people in the companies you want to work for, remembered before they hire someone else, liked and trusted to solve their problem.

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linkedin (Photo credit: Inmobiliaria Lares, Cangas)

Have you looked at your internet profiles (especially your can you order accutane online Profile) lately?  Or any of your other ones (best place to buy accutane online uk, where can i buy accutane online uk, can you buy accutane online uk, and the specialized ones)?  Does what you say there reflect what you have accomplished this year?  What you have learned? 

Whether or not you will be looking for a new job this year, now is the time to brag a little, or at least record what you have done.

Do you know what industry you want to be in next year?  Does your profile show how you are a member of that “tribe”?  Do you use the keywords used there?  If you don’t know what they are, take a number of job postings and company webpages and put them in buy roche accutane online uk and see which words show up the most.  Are these your keywords?  Do you “own” them?  Have you used them in your Profile summary and in the descriptions of your previous jobs? 

This is not about a current job search (although it is essential that you do this if you are looking), it is about what you know and what you do. 

You can enhance your current job by focusing on how you use these skills and expertise in this job.  Many people don’t fill out their LinkedIn Profile and don’t really have a record of what they do and have done.  This makes it much harder for recruiters and employers to find you, but it also means that the people who “check you out” on social media don’t really get a good understanding of you, your work and what you are interested in.  Your “social and personal brand” suffers.  You get to control this, so you might as well! 

I recommend that you re-read your Profiles at least once a year to see if they still represent you and your goals. 

If you are now in business development and the last time you updated your LinkedIn Profile you were in research, you are not a clear candidate and people wonder what you are really up to!

If you need help with this, please do get a can you buy accutane over the counter in canada or have me buy authentic accutane online or buy accutane australia.

Or where can i buy accutane in australia so you will always be able to do it yourself.

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