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When you fail at job search can be depressing.  Waiting for the Fairy Job Mother doesn’t work and sending your resume to 200 jobs online is a recipe for clinical depression!

Join purchase accutane online, of Lee Hecht Harrison and I, purchase generic accutane, for a 30 minute purchase accutane (isotretinoin) on how to take control of your job search and not be dependent on the uncontrolled or uncontrollable parts of your job search. 

Most jobs (50-75% of them) never make it to the internet or to a recruiter.  

The chances of making it through the online application process are about 2 in 100.  And recruiters don’t know every job out there or what it is you really want.

So what is a job seeker to do?

  1. Know what you want and what companies are most likely to employ people to do that.
  2. Be known to the people in the departments you want to work in and the hiring managers.
  3. Be Top of Mind (otherwise known as a regular program of follow up!)
  4. Be Liked and Trusted to solve their problem.

Do your homework!  Outsourcing your job search to anyone else will slow down the process, cost you more in time and money and not guarantee a thing!!

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