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Once upon a time, you could get a good job by walking into the company and asking the receptionist for an application.  She probably knew your father or at least her boss did. You were visible to your neighbors and your parents’ friends.

Now we live in a world where you don’t know everyone and everyone does not know you.  So you have to do a few things to be visible.  And I don’t mean pink hair (although that will not stop you in most jobs any more).

So fill out your LinkedIn Profile!  Get a checklist for doing so purchase accutane online

And look for other places on the internet where you have some unused property: G+, Twitter, your trade associations, like RAPS or others.  Are you presenting yourself in a professional and attractive (to hiring managers) way.

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Long webinar (about an hr.) on the steps before resume

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First steps in your job search and why you need to do these before you write your resume!

Be visible online – show your best and most interesting accomplishments (necessary but not sufficient)

Be known – but only to the people in the companies you are interested in (so know what your criteria are and which companies meet them.  Then network to gain information before you write a resume)

Be remembered, liked and trusted (these are done through appropriate follow up)

Write a resume using the information you gained from your conversations with the people in that particular company.  If you have not gotten that information, you are basically asking the interviewer to figure out (based on your skills) where you would fit into his organization.  He doesn’t have the time for that – he is hiring to solve a problem.  Can you do that?  Can he trust you to solve it?


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Which is better?  

“Using” a bioscience recruiter or applying to the bioscience job online?

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The recipe for clinical depression in the bioscience world

I was asked this by a bioscience job seeker who had just spent a considerable amount of time “updating” his CV, but did not know which companies he should be applying to.

Read this blog and you will find that I teach something completely different:

Job boards and “career pages” fill 20% of the jobs out there, but your personal chances of getting even a phone screen are down around 2%. That is a recipe for clinical depression!

Recruiters work for the companies, so if they don’t have the job you are qualified for, they don’t have a job for you and trying to get our attention will really only irritate us and, therefore, you.


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Recruiters are not Talent Agents.  We don’t pick a player and shop him around to the various teams working to get him the best deal, like a “hot” athlete.  (Or if we were to consider it, you had better be cash on the hoof – better than everyone else out there and within commute distance of the company paying for the search.)

I’m sorry that this is the harsh reality.

75% or more of all jobs, high or lowly, are filled, not by what you know, not even by who you know, but by who knows you.

Here is a short podcast about this.

For more actionable steps to design your targeted networking strategy, where can i buy accutane

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