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Followup is essential in building relationships and getting a job is the beginning of a number of new relationships

 What would you like in a new friend?  How will you make some new friends in your potential new places of business?

Thank you notes are important.  Being face-to-face is important.  Initiating contact is important.

How will you do each of these?

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How should you follow up?

So you have had coffee with someone at a company you want to work for.  They are in the department you want and would be a colleague if you came to work there.  What do you say in your follow ups?

The first follow up note should be a hand written thank you note for their time and attention.  You also want to mention what you talked about and offer your assistance should it be needed.  Do this one be for you get home from that first coffee date.

The next one could be the same only emailed.

Then you want to follow up with “saw this and thought of you” emails with links to the things you talked about or that you think they might be interested in.  Do a little digging on their “dragon” and see if they have been able to see the recent PubMed articles about it, or the recent licensing agreements, or such.

How often should you send these?  Well, how urgent is your job search?  How urgent is their problem?  Remember that no company hires unless they have an urgent problem that they have not been able to solve with the people they are already paying.

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By Cathy Jennings


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Too Busy To Follow Up

Let’s see if this sounds familiar. . .

You attend lots of mixers, meetings, coffees and conferences. You collect tons of where can i buy accutane online yahoo and connect with hundreds, even thousands of people online. But what do you have to show for it?

You’re “busy”, but not “busy” in a good way – with clients and customers and growing your business. You’re racing around with too much to do and never getting anywhere.

Try this instead: Whenever you register for an event – whether it’s a conference, networking mixer or other meeting – schedule time for following up. Look at your calendar and put some time aside in the day or two after your event to follow up with the people you meet. Having it “scheduled” will make it more likely to happen.

And remember, if you’re too busy to schedule any follow up time, then you’re too busy to be going to yet another event.

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