Your list of skills and keywords

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Do you have your list of skills and keywords on your computer?

You will need this list of skills and keywords so that writing your resume and online profiles is not difficult.  And you don’t need to start with a blank page!  You can use a template or format. Using a list of your skills and keywords will give you a “leg up”.

You exist in a cloud of words that describes your work life or your home life.  Some of them are overused to the point of having no meaning, like “responsible self-starter”.  Some are so specific that only someone actually doing what you are currently doing would understand. The ones from your home life do not belong on a work document meant to attract the right job.  The ones from your work life are unlikely to attract the right people to go to the concert with.

When you pull together a list of words to use,  you can focus on the right words to attract your perfect job.  So start a list.  You won’t just send it off to random people.  You will use it to select the words suitable for the occasion.  You may have PCR, qPCR or whatever comes next on your list, but you want to uses the one that the company you are applying to uses, or they won’t know what you are talking about.

What is your next title?

finding your next titleFinding your next job and your next title can either be a piece of cake or a struggle. Many people know what their next job will be.  It might be the same title in a different company, it might be adding “Sr.” to their current title, or it might be something entirely different, but they know what it is.

You are the one who decides what your next title will be.  But the companies and hiring managers are the ones who accept or reject based on what you show them that you can do.  So what can you do?  Do you know what your skills, expertise and abilities are?  Do you know what that complex of abilities is usually called in your industry?

Check out my skill sheets or make your own.  What can you do?  What software do you “own”? What procedures have you done?  Do you want to do them in your next job?  For a quick webcast, click here

Check out a jobs board like and see if these skills add up to the title you think you want.  What else is there?  Can you do those things but forgot about them?

These words are YOUR keywords and you need to use them when you talk about what you have done.

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7 Places to Share Your Expertise on LinkedIn

7 Places to Share Your Expertise on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Share ExpertiseAre you confused about the best way to share your expertise on LinkedIn?

Not sure about where and what to do on LinkedIn to get your message out to your ideal clients?

If you answered “yes!”, know you’re not alone!

Trust me, I hear some version of this every day as I’m engaging with other business owners and entrepreneurs…both on- and off-line.

There are seven primary ways LinkedIn can help you share your expertise and attract more of your ideal clients. The key is to be compelling and provide value to your ideal clients who view your profile.

Here are the seven specific places you can easily and quickly share your expertise on LinkedIn:

1. Your Headline

Your LinkedIn profile headline is prime real estate for sharing your expertise for two reasons. First, it’s the first phrase people will see about you when they click on your profile, and those first impressions stick. Second, it’s a keyword hot spot for anyone conducting searches on LinkedIn.

For maximum success when writing your headline, remember to:

a. Use your headline to communicate your value and drive traffic to your website. Include keywords and phrases relevant to your expertise. This will help you appear in the right kinds of search results.

b. Target your ideal clients. If you have a niche, make sure your headline communicates it clearly and specifically. 

Bonus Tip: Offer a gift to drive traffic to your site and build your list.

Putting it all together, here’s my headline as an example:

★ Marketing Expert ★ Marketing Speaker ★ Marketing for Smart Entrepreneurs…YOU! ★ FREE tools @

2. Your Summary

Think of your profile Summary as a mini-sales page. First, you want to get your audiences’ attention in your opening sentence so it is crystal clear what your expertise can do for them and so they keep reading.

Here’s an example from my LinkedIn profile:

“Looking for better results from being on LinkedIn?

Do you have a profile, but NO SALES?

Do you have contacts, but NO ONE becomes your client?”

After an engaging opening like this, you should follow with your irrestible, compelling offer(remember, you are writing on a website, not in an academic paper) and highlight your specificcall to action at the end of your Summary sales section.

For credibility, you‘ll also want to include your short biography in an About section in your Summary as well.

3. Your Links

With your LinkedIn profile you have the opportunity to share your expertise by uploading files and adding links in your Experience and Summary sections.

Take full advantage of this feature, especially when describing your expertise and what you offer.


Because links allow you to use images (very compelling!) to show viewers of your profile where they can get deeper access to your expertise. They also enhance your credibility.

Examples include:

  • * Pages from your website
  • * A presentation (PowerPoint, SlideShare or other) you gave 
  • * PDFs of designs, logos, articles or other original work you created
  • * A link to a web article you wrote or one that mentions you and your work

4. Get Strategic Recommendations and Endorsements

Another way to share your expertise and sell yourself is to take advantage of Recommendations and Endorsements.

How does this work?

Your connections can help you by giving you endorsements for your skills and recommendations that include the outcomes they’ve experienced from working with you.

Specifically, you want your connections as much as possible to vouch for your skills that relate to your keywords (more on that below).

To start, ask for recommendations from your raving fans…your customers and clients who have been your biggest success stories. Remember, the best recommendations are number specificand talk about the results or outcomes from working with you.

Bonus Tip: Fill your Skills, Experience, Headline and Summary sections with the same keywords as your website for the most effective and consistent online presence.

As for getting people in your network to endorse these skills, LinkedIn will prompt your contacts to endorse you when they view any profile. To be more proactive, be a “go-giver” not a “go-getter.” Give honest endorsements to others and it’s likely they’ll return the favor.

5. Network, Network, Network

A key component to your success in sharing your expertise is the people you engage with and your follow up with them that nutures the relationship.

Time and again, statistics show that networking is the most effective way to market yourself. When it comes to using LinkedIn to share your expertise, it’s important to broaden your network and consistently provide value.

And when it comes to broadening your network, one strategy is to join new groups where your ideal clients are. In these new groups, be sure to make yourself visible by introducing yourself, sharing your expertise and reaching out to connect with anyone who seems like an interesting new contact.

6. Create a LinkedIn Company Page.

You can design a page for your business that includes a listing of your services, recommendations from clients and updates from you about the projects you are working on. To launch such a page successfully, you can announce to your LinkedIn contacts that the page is live and ask them to “follow” it to keep up with your offerings.

7. Publishing

This is the newest feature available on LinkedIn to quickly and easily share your expertise on LinkedIn. I’ve written about it a lot recently, and it’s an amazing tool because not only do your profile viewers see your articles near the top of your profile, but your articles are also visible to all 313+ Million LinkedIn members and are searchable on both LinkedIn and Google!

If you want more details on how to quickly and easily get better results from LinkedIn, click here to schedule your complimentary LinkedIn Results strategy session with me to explore that and to find out what you can do to have a results breakthrough. I have a limited number of appointments available and request that only people who are serious about dramatically increasing their results on LinkedIn schedule a time to talk.

QUESTION: What’s your favorite way to share your expertise on LinkedIn? Please share your comments below.


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