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purchase accutane onlineThe “Healthcare Industry” has many parts.  From idea to delivery.

Research into new ideas or reworking of old ones occurs in universities, the NIH, other government agencies, start-up companies and established ones.  The companies can be privately or publicly funded and can be in tools, diagnostics, therapeutics (drugs and devices, implants and capital equipment). Medical and healthcare IT (like the FitBit wearable device) are also in this industry.

Development of those ideas generally moves out of universities and government and into public and privately funded companies.  Development includes clinical trials, testing, and more testing.

Once the technology is proven, marketing and sales have to happen, either to another company or to other parts of the healthcare industry (hospitals, doctors, etc.) Once on the market, the product needs to be transported, warehoused, moved again and delivered.  It needs to be paid for and the efficacy needs to be traced. 

The people involved can be MDs and PhDs or not even have their GED.  But every single one of them is working in the healthcare industry.  And, in my experience, most, at least, are excited about being part of something that helps people.

Which part of this industry are you in?  Is this where you want to be?

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where is my bioscience job?

Speaking the same (science) language

For many people, networking means going to a presentation or meeting and collecting and handing out business cards. And while this is one technique, it is not all of networking or even a large part. 

Networking is establishing and maintaining personal relationships with people for your mutual benefit.  The benefits must go both ways and be satisfying to both people in any networking meeting.  It includes choice and follow-up.  Random meeting and exchange of business cards may, but usually does not, lead to benefits for both parties.

Choice means choosing where and when to meet people and establish a relationship of some sort.  If three months or three days later you or your networking partner does not remember the other, it was not networking.  It may have been a good party, but not networking.  Only participate in “networking events” if the other people there are likely to be in your industry.

Choose where and when you network.  Don’t expect too much from yourself – don’t try to collect all of the business cards in the room!  Decide to network with no more than 5-10 people at any one event.  Ask questions about them!  Find out what they do and if there is anything you can do for them.  Do not give your “elevator speech” unless they ask you what you do, but keep it short and turn the conversation back to them as soon as possible.  Don’t be desperate! 

Networking can also, and perhaps even better, be done one on one.  Take someone to coffee and learn about them, their job, their company, what they do in their spare time, without asking for anything for you.  Figure out what you can do to make their life better.  Perhaps you should introduce them to someone, send them a link, follow-up after you do some research, but always give them the gift of your attention.  We all like attention and will feel better when we get it.

If these people seem to be interesting to you, add them to your career network and keep up with them – follow them on LI, on FB, wherever the web makes it easier, but also do it in real life.  Send holiday cards, invite them to your big 4th of July party, etc. 

Friends are the inner circle of your personal network, some of your business network/career network people will become personal friends.  And we all need friends!

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A segment of a social network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A good career network contains at least two people from each of the companies you would like to work for plus everyone you have ever worked with (if it was civil) and those from your industry that you have met otherwise. For a useful LinkedIn network, you need at least 400 people with less than 5% recruiters and most of the others in best place to buy accutane online forum

How many people do you have in your career network? where to buy accutane bodybuilding, buy accutane online bodybuilding, former co-workers? 

You probably have other people in your network as well, but these are not as critical.

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updated 4/18/17

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buy accutane europeAre you starting over or just out of school?  Do you want to get away from your major or your last job?  Or are you basically pretty happy with the general field, but need to move to a different company (or your first one)?

If you don’t know what you want to do for a career, then the buy accutane eu can be a real help in deciding what direction to go in.  After all, you can’t go in ALL directions, you have to pick one.  You can change later. 

But if you like being a scientist or in business development for therapeutics, or whatever, you still need to decide what you want for your next career step.   Staying in the same position at the same company (and salary) for your whole career just is not happening these days, especially in the biosciences industries.  Even the multinational pharmaceuticals have downsized, right-sized, refocused, spun-out, etc., etc.  And the smaller, more exciting biotechs may or may not grow into big companies. 

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As buy accutane for cheap  says, “Because every job is temporary”  you have to plan your own career.  Most jobs in our bioindustry last from 3-5 years.  If you start working in industry at 30 (after you have your PhD, say) and work until Social Security kicks in (now at age 72), you will have 42 years of a career or  8 to 14 different jobs.  You have to be on top of your career planning.  No one else will do it for you.

You don’t have to plan all of those jobs, but it really helps to have a direction in mind.  If, for now, you want to be in the biopharma/medical device/diagnostics/life science industries, then you need to know what you bring to the table and what that group of skills is typically called.  Also you need to know what people with those skills do, learn, produce, invent, etc. 

Once you have your list of buy accutane forum in a spreadsheet in your computer, you can decide which ones you want to use in your next job, which ones you want to develop, and which ones you need to add and want to learn in your next job. 

Pull these out of your spreadsheet and think about what you would call the person who can do these things.  Use that for a working title – It might be “Scientist” or “Manager of QA” or “CEO of a 15 person company”. 

Now go look for that title on buy accutane for acne or buy accutane online forum or can you buy accutane from canada.  Compare the skills you have with the skills someone who has the title you thought would fit demonstrates and the jobs that a posted.  Are you missing any skills?  Can you step the title down a notch?  Or do you have more?  What would be the next step up? 
All companies put different emphasis on different skills in their job descriptions and expectations. 

Now think about what you want to do on a day to day basis.  What do you want to do, learn, produce, invent, etc.? What skills do you own that you want to use?

Have you already done these things?  Or is it a stretch?  Would you hire you with this title? 
Write out a job description for your next job.  And keep notes for the one after that.  Do these jobs lead you to where you want your career to go? 

If you don’t have any particular career ambitions or a long view, what is it that you want to accomplish in your lifetime?  Is this job a step towards or away from that?

“A job, any job” will not usually take you toward your goal, even as it puts food on the table.  And remember that companies don’t hire for your sparkling personality (or your desperation) but because they have a problem they need someone to solve.  What problems do you want to solve?

Only you can answer these questions.  buy accutane from uk. But if you need a hand, a questioner, a person to hold you accountable to yourself, let me know!

Please email your questions or comments today at buy accutane online from canada or buy accutane from india for your first free career step consultation if we have not yet spoken.

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My friend, Lori, helps all sorts of people figure out what they want to do next and then develop some tools to make it happen. She is lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Guest Blog by  Lori Howard


Are your references current?  Do you have a list of people who will gladly recommend you and your work to your next employer?

Maria worked at the same company for over five years.  But when her youngest went off to college, she decided it was also time for a change for herself.  She wanted to change careers, and get a job she would really love.  After she updated her resume and cover letter, she began to apply for jobs.  Almost immediately she was asked to provide references.  Maria began to feel uneasy and not at all prepared.  She hadn’t asked anyone to be a reference or provide recommendations.  She realized she had lost contact with some of the people who could provide the best reference for her.  Maria quickly called me to talk about what to do.  She wanted to be prepared going forward. 

Asking for references and recommendations should be a part of your tactical plan for getting a new job, as well as your strategy for maintaining your buy accutane ireland.  Unfortunately, it’s an area we often overlook or neglect (like Maria did), until it becomes time critical.  The worst time to pull together your references and recommendations is when you are filling out a job application, or are about to connect with someone on LinkedIn that works at a company you’ve dreamed of working for.

References and Recommendations are different, so let me start with some definitions. 

References are the people who are willing to be contacted to give positive feedback regarding your professional work (professional references) or your personal character (personal references).

Recommendations are a written version of the nice things people say about you, your work, and your character.  The most common forms of recommendations for the job search are the written letter and the LinkedIn Recommendation.

This article focuses on the References List. Here are three keys to managing your references for your job search, and for your career independence. (For details on recommendations, click here. buy accutane online ireland/)

1.      Whom should you have as references?

Only ask people whom you trust and whom you know will say positive things about you to be a reference for you.  This may sound obvious, but still worth saying. 

I recommend you maintain a typed References List naming 3-6 professional and 3 personal references.  Include their name, current title, relationship to you, and their preferred contact information (phone number, email address, or both). 

First identify your professional references.  Think about the people you’ve worked with, at your current job and throughout your career.  Think about managers, staff, and peers.  A professional reference is anyone who has direct experience and knowledge of your work, your work style, and your strengths at work.  Work can be paid work (a fellow employee or former manager) or volunteer work (team leader on a volunteer project, or fellow worker).  The ideal breakdown is to have at least 2 manager-type references (people you reported to or worked for), 2 peer references (coworkers), and if you are a manager or team leader, 2 staff references.   

Next identify your personal references.  This list can be comprised of friends, fellow volunteers, or co-workers.  A personal reference is anyone who can speak to your character or the type of person you are.   Ideally you will have 3 of these references.

2.      When should you ask someone to be a reference?

I recommend gathering your references and creating your References List before you start actively looking for a new job.  As you identify people to put on your list, you must also contact them and ask if they’d be willing to provide a reference for you.  When they say yes, you ask them how they prefer to be contacted (email or phone), and update that information on your References List.

Going forward, any time you have developed a good relationship with someone you work with or work for, you can ask them if they’d be willing to provide a reference for you, should you ever need one.  It’s a nice gesture to offer to provide a reference for them as well.

Also, when you leave a job, make a point of exchanging contact information, connecting on LinkedIn, and asking appropriate individuals if they’d be willing to provide a reference for you, should you ever need one. Again, it’s a nice gesture to offer to provide a reference for them as well.

 3.      What do I tell a reference?

When you begin to actively apply for jobs, make sure to contact all of the references on your list to let them know they may be contacted. 

It’s also very helpful for the references on your list if you tell them what you want them to say.  Now, I don’t mean script their comments, but let them know what strengths and skills you would like them to highlight.  Give them information about what the reference is for, what the company might be looking for, and what you want the hiring manager to know about you.  Your references want to help you, so the more information you can give them regarding how they can help, the easier it is for them.

Maria ultimately reconnected with several former coworkers and managers, along with some fellow-volunteers from some charity projects she participated in.  She created a References List that supported her job search.  As she asked for their help, they also asked for hers in return.  Now she’s providing references too. 

She also gave her references clear information about the types of strengths and skills she wanted them to highlight to help her get the job she wanted.  Going forward, Maria plans to review and refresh her references list every time she updates her resume.  That way, she will always feel prepared.   

Is your References List up to date?  Or does it need work?  I challenge you to take at least one  step this week to ensure your References List is ready for action.

Lori Howard
Career Transformation Coach
Certified Story Coach, CPRW

Helping you love your job and thrive in your career!

 (773) 669-7899

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Looking for a new or next job can be completely overwhelming.  It is not something that we take classes in for years, like English or Math or whatever our major is or was.  It seems that everyone simply expects us to know how to do it or that getting a job is a judgment of our personal worthiness. 

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming and it is not something that you are born knowing.  Job search skills are just that – skills that can be taught and learned. 

But like any skill, it must be practiced and you have to know what you are doing first and for each step of the way.

I’ve drawn you a map:

For more information, contact Connie Hampton at buy accutane online from canada

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English: Conflict Resolution in Human Evolution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


is a way of connecting with other people, giving what costs you little or nothing to get something that you value and the other person also gives something that costs them little or nothing to get something that they value.

What can you give that the person you want to network with values?

  • Attention
  • Interest in them as a person and in what they are doing
  • Real listening
  • A cup of coffee

Once you have done these things, then you can give:

  • Information
  • Introductions to others
  • Help with something that they are working on

Eventually you can ask for what you need.

Studies have shown that giving four times to every one time you ask for something is the most successful way to get it.  We humans are hard-wired to make suggestions to people we like.  This can be a bit annoying sometimes, but can also be the path to your goals.  Networking is a way to be known, liked and trusted, to become a part of the family or tribe, to be “one of us”. 


Networking has been called many things in the past – friendship, politeness, “how I treat my family, friends and tribe”, “human nature”. So it probably started sometime in the history of our pre-human ancestors and is what has made us so very successful as a species.

Even introverts network and may, perhaps, get the most out of it.


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Who notices you?  Do they know how what you can do could be used by them or their network?  Do you have to brag? How can you work it into the conversation?  Whom do you notice?  Why? What about them stands out?

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After you notice them, do you wish you had not?  What do you do after you notice someone?

People buy from people they know. (Duh! If you don’t know of someone and what it is that they are selling, how can you buy from them?)

People buy from people they like.  If they don’t like you, why would they buy from you?

People buy from people they trust.  If they think you are not trustworthy, then they will not spend their money with you.

The same thing is true of job search – you are selling your experience, knowledge and energy.  Fortunately, you only have to make one sale.

Being known, liked and trusted is not something you can apply online for.  You have to get out there and meet people face to face, be interested in them, help them out in some way, be likeable and trustworthy.

What are you planning and doing in your job search to be known, liked and trusted?

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how to purchase accutaneThe people you network with now have the potential to be there for the rest of your life

*Keep your network shiny

How can you keep your network shiny? What do you have in common?  Can you introduce them to someone else in your network? Provide an interesting link? Share a babysitter?

*Stay in touch

This means reconnect at least once a year.  Some people once a quarter, others only when they have a birthday or new job. Your best friend, daily?  A physical card, a phone call, an email, LinkedIn…..

*Technology helps

What is your plan for using it to maintain contact with your network?  How much time will it take each week?

Not everyone will be online – Gramma is probably more likely to want you to call and other people are too busy to post often.

Where will you look and how much time will it take to keep your network shiny?

I like where to purchase accutane because it scrapes the web, RSS feeds, Facebook and Twitter for postings and mentions of the people and companies you add to it and it provides a dashboard to see it all.

Google Alerts where to purchase accutane online scrapes the web and will let you set alerts for topics or companies or people.

Checking these sites (or the emails they send you) can take as little as 15 minutes a week.  If something special has happened to your contacts you can send off a quick email congratulating them, offering a suggestions, providing a connection, etc. I’m using where can i get cheap accutanefor this

accutane for cheap

revised 4/20/17


What to do with all these business cards?! you went to the networking event and gathered at least three business cards, now what?

1.  Immediately get them in your contact list.

2.  Email them to acknowledge that you met.  Follow up with the notes you made on their card (send what you said you would, introduce them to the person you said you would, etc. Ask them if they use social media and which site they prefer.

3. When you know which they prefer, invite them to LinkIn, be Friends, or follow them on Twitter.

4. Then keep in touch regularly

*Social Media
*Birthday card
*Work anniversary
*What else?

Mark Wiedelman Senior Project Manager Consultant at Health Care Service Corporation: The most important factor in building and maintaining a personal or professional network is effort. You must put in the time. Before LinkedIn came along, I used to maintain a list of my professional networking people. My goal was to reach out and contact each one every year. I had several hundred people in my network at that time, so I had to call, email, meet for lunch every person every year. It took time and effort.

Can you make a plan to contact, email, phone, meet for coffee or lunch each person in your network every year?  And the ones that you really like or really need help from even more often? How did you build that “inner circle”?  How do you keep it warm?  You don’t need to do that much with your outer circle but it is very important to keep people from slipping over the edge into “Them” after only a few contacts.  Unless, of course, it was not a fit to begin with and you are both happy to let it go.  Remember that, prince or pauper, we only get 24 hours in the day.

Lisa Nofzinger Telephone Operator (Contract employee–client 3M) at Adecco: I find in maintaining a network, phone calls are very important. I call people in my network a lot. For me it’s better than email. I also send holiday cards.

Ned James Marketing pro: Be sure to reach out to members of your network periodically to just touch base. This could be a phone call, an email maybe even a tweet. But, make sure you are connected with them and don’t lose touch with them.

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