Which US companies hire from outside the US?

Do my corporate clients hire from outside the US?handshake3

Not all US companies hire from outside the US. I’m frequently asked by people from other countries to help them find a job in the US. Most of the companies I work for as a recruiter are simply too small to deal with visa issues or their HR and Legal departments just don’t know how or have time to learn how to handle them.

In June, 2015, Genetic Engineering News published the following list of companies that do hire internationally:

#15. Johnson & Johnson (including Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies)

#14. Pfizer

#13. Allergan

#12. Merck & Co.

#11. Bayer HealthCare

#10. Regeneron

#9. AstraZeneca and subsidiary MedImmune

#8. Biogen

#7. Gilead Sciences

#6. Sanofi and subsidiary Genzyme

#5. Bristol-Myers Squibb

#4. Amgen

#3. AbbVie

#2. Roche and subsidiary Genentech

#1. Novartis

If one or more of these companies has a branch in your country, starting there for your eventual job in the US would be your best strategy.


“A job, any job” is NOT a career step

3 things you need before you start your job search and none of them is a resume!

How Job Search REALLY Works

Many people don’t know how job search really works and simply stop managing their career once they get a job.Rinse and Repeat

Most people don’t think about how job search really works until the need for it is staring them in the face.  

But it is only the rarest of people who work at a single job for their entire career, especially in the biosciences.

Not only do jobs rarely last more than 5 years, many bioscience companies don’t last that long (they may be acquired or simply fail).  A study showed that “C” suite professionals may change jobs every 18 months.  

Use the security of your current job to plan for your next one and keep on networking!  

Yes, this is work.  And it takes time.  But YOU will be in control of your career and able to choose what you do next.

If you need any help with this, contact me!

Why Dragon-Slaying Stories?

I’ve been looking for red, fire-breathing dragon-slaying stories this week.

knight fighting dragon

I’ve been looking at, scanning, even reading a lot of LinkedIn Profiles this week.  I’m searching for very specific people with very specific skills.  I have to guess if they have them.  Do the process engineers know FACS?  Can they do process development in a viral vector space?  Or are they developing the processes for Wurster Fluid Coating of tablets? 

Even if they have the keywords somewhere on their LinkedIn Profile or in their LabRoots Profile, what have they really done with these keywords?  What problems have they solved?  What were the results?  How long did it take? 

I actually am not fond of fishing – way too much waiting and hoping.  I’d really rather track down my quarry and present the opportunity to the right people. 

If your profiles don’t have the right words and stories, how can someone offer you a job that actually fits your skills and desires? 

Job search and hiring are broken.  You can heal yours by using the right words in the right dragon-slaying stories. 

If you don’t know the difference between FACS and Wurster, I don’t currently have a job for you.  Even if you do, what have you done with that knowledge? 

All jobs are like this.  There are no “any” jobs (as in “I just want a job, any job!”)!  And you are unique.  You have skills, expertise, experience.  No one else has that complex of software, process, training, education, etc.  You have the solutions to specific problems in your head.  And there are some problems that you have solved that you never want to see again!  Show us what you have done!  Tell us your dragon-slaying stories!  (Just not the ones you never want to see again!)

If you want to learn how to find your own, particular, keywords, HERE and we will discuss how to find yours

Job Search Tip #40 – Your Ideal Companies

Job Search Tip #40

Job Search Tip #40

Do you have a criteria list for your ideal companies?

Having a criteria list for your next company will make your search much easier.

Many people who call me say that they don’t want to restrict their search to just one job title or one area. But that is like saying “I’m going to go fish in the ocean with my network cable and some robe hooks and I’ll eat what I catch.”  Really a complete non sequitur.

You have skills and expertise that really only fits or is useful in certain industries, niches and companies. You also have goals, desires, preferences, and even, needs which can only be met by certain situations.  And those people who tell me that they “don’t want to restrict” their job search are really just telling me that they are scared, even desperate.  They want someone else (The Fairy Job Mother??) to do the hard work of discovering what they really want and need.

So start with the list above:

  • Location
  • Commute
  • Product
  • Industry
  • Size
  • Finances
  • Culture
    and add the things that matter to you

I can help you make this list. Book a time here

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