Bioscience Job Interview Tips

skype-interviewThere are lots of sites with general advice for job interviews but very few for bioscience job seekers.

What differences have you found in these very specific bioscience jobs vs. more general ones?  

Here are some of the best I’ve seen lately

Ace Every Interview: Job Interview Tips That Will Impress Any Recruiter


The Brazen Careerist’s new book

While this is general, I love the clarity of the Brazen Careerist.  Research the company, prep and knowing yourself are the top takeaways.

Executive Level Job Interview Tips [Podcast]

Brief (62 seconds) podcast about the essential pre-interview steps.

Takeaway: Research, Rehearse, Rapport and Results.  Whether you are a scientist or a manager, these are essential!

The After-Interview Trick You’re Not Using

And specifically from Biospace for people in the bioscience industries. 

Takeaway: Make notes, write a thank you note, analyze the questions you were asked and learn from every interview

The One Empty Word to Avoid in a Job Interview

Another one from Biospace, but still rather generic

Takeaway:  Use “I” not “we”.  The manager wants to know what YOU can do, not what your team did.  He is not hiring your team.  And use those PAR statements!

I have a few questions I recommend that puts the manager in the mood to hire you.

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4th Step: Bioscience Resumes and Interviews

So many people want to start at this 4th step – Bioscience Resumes, Interviews and Acceptance

You can’t write a resume or know where to send it until you have done your homework!

Like a kid wanting to be an astronaut, there are a number of things you must learn before you can “blast off”. But once you do, then use these suggestions to get the job!


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