Why should someone hire you?

Why should someone hire you and not someone else? 



Job Search Is Broken

Job Search Is Broken (Photo credit: Tim Tyrell-Smith)

No one will hire you simply because you need a job.  You don’t want that job anyway.  If you are currently employed it may be as difficult for you to articulate your skills as it is for a fish to see water. If you are currently unemployed, you may feel like you have no skills simply because you are so beaten down by the job search. 


One big problem for a job seeker is that hiring managers can’t read your mind, don’t know you, and don’t know what you can do.  Your general resume makes this even harder and a LinkedIn Profile that has only your last job title and company is poor information for the recruiter, HR person or hiring manager.  On top of that, the jargon used at your last place of employment may not be the jargon at the place you want to work at next. 


Only you can show or tell the new potential manager what you know and can do.  If, and only if, those are the skills that the hiring manager needs in his/her next employee, will s/he bother to contact you?


There are a number of hoops to jump through before your resume even gets to the hiring manager’s desk. Did you apply online?  Where?  Does the computer program that filters resumes (called an Applicant Tracking System or ATS) recognize the keywords you used as the ones in the posted job description? If it doesn’t, (and machines are dumb and don’t use synonyms) your resume vanishes into the black hole.  Many companies don’t review their ATS for previously submitted resumes when they have a new opening.  Even if they do, did you happen to use the right words for the new job?






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If you decide to ask a friend or acquaintance to pass your resume to the hiring manager, how much power does your friend have?  How busy is the hiring manager?  What is their relationship? Does the hiring manager take this person’s recommendations seriously? Or does that resume on expensive paper simply get put in the “circular file” as my Dad called the trash can?  Did your friend ask you for the resume or did you push it on them? 


No one CAN be hired if the hiring manager doesn’t know that they exist. 


Even more unlikely is posting your resume all over the internet – someone will have to be interested enough in the keywords that you use to spend the time to find your resume.  Yes, recruiters do learn Boolean search just for this purpose, but they are looking for specific keywords.  Are those in your resume?


You can pay someone to write your resume for you and blast it out to recruiters, etc.  Do they know your correct keywords?  And blasting your resume is like spamming the world. Generally a dumb idea. 


If you have been spending your time “looking for work” by using these methods, you are wasting your time.


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