Job Search Tip #40 – Your Ideal Companies

Job Search Tip #40

Job Search Tip #40

Do you have a criteria list for your ideal companies?

Having a criteria list for your next company will make your search much easier.

Many people who call me say that they don’t want to restrict their search to just one job title or one area. But that is like saying “I’m going to go fish in the ocean with my network cable and some robe hooks and I’ll eat what I catch.”  Really a complete non sequitur.

You have skills and expertise that really only fits or is useful in certain industries, niches and companies. You also have goals, desires, preferences, and even, needs which can only be met by certain situations.  And those people who tell me that they “don’t want to restrict” their job search are really just telling me that they are scared, even desperate.  They want someone else (The Fairy Job Mother??) to do the hard work of discovering what they really want and need.

So start with the list above:

  • Location
  • Commute
  • Product
  • Industry
  • Size
  • Finances
  • Culture
    and add the things that matter to you

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Or DIY At A Glance

Do you believe that you can manage your career?


What does it take to manage your career?

How can you manage your career if you are confused about what is a career and what is a job.  I believe that a career is what you do over your whole working life.  It is made up of a series of jobs.  They may all be in the same industry or function or not.  It is entirely up to you. 

In the biosciences industries, jobs last, on average, from 2 to 5 years. 

Your working life will likely be from college graduation (or before) until you are 71 or so (according to when Social Security is scheduled to kick in).  That is 50 years more or less.  This means, if you are just graduating, that you will have 10 to 25 jobs if you are lucky.  If you are mid-career, look at how many you have had so far and see what you can expect.  No one else is planning your career.  What will you do?

Do you have a desire for a career “track” that is conscious and well-planned? 

Most people don’t start with one.  We frequently just “fall into” a career based on the first job we take.  It may be chosen or it may be simply at a place that happened to offer you a job.  This is fine for your high school or college jobs, but once you get past that, you get to choose which direction you want to move in. 

What are your goals? 

Are they do-able?  Are they risky? Do you know what you want to be doing in 5 or 10 or 30 years?  Only you can know these things.

What attracts you? 

Why?  What is the look, feel, emotion around your ideal job?  The best jobs are the ones you are good at and enjoy.  Which comes first is not nearly as important as getting there.  Conversely, the worst ones are the ones you don’t like and are not good at – avoid those!!

What steps can you take to control your path? 

This I can help with.  There are job search skills that are learn-able and, once learned, not at all hard, even if you are an introvert.  You don’t want to flounder in a sea of possibilities or be stranded on the sand of only the jobs you hate and are not good at.  But it does take some work to find the sweet spot.  The steps are:

To Know

  • What you know and what you like
  • What you want next and what direction you want to go in (or at least some of the goals)
  • Which industry(s) can offer that
  • What you want in a company
  • Which companies are in that industry and, at least online, look like they might meet your criteria
  • Who works at each one and get to know at least one person in the departments you would like to work in
  • Follow up until they offer you an interview (and keep on following up after that as well)
  • Write your resume for that particular company, showing them how you can slay their dragon and protect their baby.
  • Interview and ask the right questions
  • Follow up some more.

Who will you be when you are on the path you choose?

  • Imagine what will happen when you are in a job you are good at and like doing  
  • What will be the most satisfying thing about it? 
  • Will you have the freedoms you desire (to be generous, to be a mentor, to be seen as wise and the go-to guy)?

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