A story of holiday parties

after thanksgiving

So sit back and let me tell you a story:

You are facing the Holiday parties, but you still have so much work to do, including hiring a new team member by the 1st of the year.  You agree to meet your spouse at their company’s party, but you are a bit late (traffic, parking, and weather) and drenched.  On your way up in the elevator you are trapped with someone who asks if you are headed to the party and asks, “What do you do?”  After hearing that you work in a bioscience company, he immediately launches into his “elevator speech”.  Well, at least you are in an elevator.  He thrusts his resume into your hand just as the doors open and then he rushes off, presumably to do it to everyone else at the party.  You fold the paper and stuff it in your pocket since you can’t find a trash can.

Your spouse greets you and leads you to the bar for a drink.  As you stand there, sipping and looking over the crowd, someone else is too.  He nods and smiles and asks if you were able to find parking before the rain washed you away.  You and he have a pleasant conversation, discover some common interests in hiking and mountain biking, and he offers to send you some info about the hiking trails you discussed.  You agree and the two of you exchange business cards.  He leaves.  As you look at his card you realize that he has just the skills your team needs.

Who do you follow up with?  Whose emails do you open?

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