What are the steps in a job search?

4 big steps to your next job

Job search needs to be organized, not just shooting your resume or your elevator speech in all directions. 

Many people wait for the Fairy Job Mother to drop a job in their lap. That doesn’t work.

Others post their need for a job on social media.  Only Lady Luck can respond. Companies don’t hire because you need a job.

Still others apply to any job that looks interesting, using their generic, personal, whole life on two pages, resume.  Your chances of getting a phone screen/phone interview are about 2% at any of the 200 companies you will need to send it to.

Others meet with their current friends, and perhaps even acquaintances, for coffee and chat.  If you friends are not in your industry niche, they won’t have any good leads for you.  They will have lots of off-target suggestions.

The people who hunt for their next job, using a real plan and set weekly goals find their next, good, job quickly and will have set up a network that will help them find each job after that.

These are the steps you need to take to be in this last group.  75% of all jobs are filled through the “who do we know” method.  Who knows you?  What do they know about you?

  • All about you: What you offer, what you want and where you want it. How to build your LinkedIn and other social Profiles so the right people can find you.
  • https://biosciencejobkit.com/bioscience-li-checklist
  • All about them:  Companies that meet your criteria, who works there, and how to get to be known by them.
  • Reaching out – a networking plan, one-on-one, in person and at events and follow up
  • Resumes and Interviews – how to write your own and how to prepare for the interviews 

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