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Mixed Grains

Mixed Grains (Photo credit:

Are you Psyche, sorting out your life’s work?

“’There is your first task,’ said Aphrodite, ‘if you would be mine and earn your own life’s work and love, sort out that motley mass of seeds and properly put each grain into its own and separate pile. Finish before moonrise.’

Psyche lay silent and dumbfounded by the enormity of the task.  An ant came by and, pitying her stricken figure, convened her sister-workers to sort the seeds into their separate piles.  Grain by grain and one by one, they carried, sorted, and distributed.  The one pile disappearing reappeared again in its nine constituent parts.  Finished, the ants once more vanished below the ground.

“When Aphrodite reappeared, she casually and carelessly surveyed the careful industry and orderly accomplishment, and throwing Psyche a crust of bread, herself retired to the night, leaving the young Psyche curled up upon the rocky coast – warm despite the coolness of the night.” – Transforming Psyche by Barbara Weir Huber (based on Greek myth)

Your task in job search is to sort out grains (jobs) and find just the ones that fit you.  You need the help of your network, your computer and internet alerts, LinkedIn, TweetMyJobs and IFTTT programs, etc.   And you need to do your own networking

Don’t apply to jobs just because they are jobs.  Be sure that you actually have the skills and experience needed – companies these days want you to be able to walk in and make an immediate difference in a job that has stood empty far too long (even if they just posted it.)

How I Wish I Were The Fairy Job Mother Who Could Simply Grant Wishes!


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