Your Resume is NOT About You

A resume is not about you.  It is about how you can solve that particular company’s particular problem.

No company hires unless they have a problem or situation that they can’t fix with the people they are already paying.  It may be that they need someone to duplicate what is being done because they have run out of time, or it may be that they need someone with a different skills set.

Resumes get about 6 seconds of “eyeball” time.  Next time you are watching a commercial on TV or at the movies count to 6.  What did you learn about the product? Does it “speak” to you?  YOU get those 6 seconds to convince the resume reviewer (who may NOT be the hiring manager) that you have what they need.

So what do they need? Do you even know what problem they have?  If the position is an entry-level job, not managing, not in research or development, then probably the problem is that the people who are doing this job simply don’t have the “man-hours” available to get it done.

If it is a new position or even a replacement, then the company has a situation/problem that needs more than just “butt in the seat” or even “hands at the bench”.  What problem is it?  Can you solve it?  Do you want to?

We all have dealt with problems that we hope never to see again.

If this company has that problem, it probably is not a good fit for you.  Why waste your time trying to get the job?  If you can see that it is not a fit, what makes you think that the hiring manager won’t see it? And if you were to get this job, how long will you and the manager be happy?

How can you format your resume so that the things you know the company needs, that you know that you can do, that you know that you want to do, stand out on the top half of the first page of your resume?  Everything after that (“below the fold”) is simply proof that you can do those things.

The company is not interested in your career objectives.  They don’t care.  They just want to know that you can do the job that they need to have done.  And they want to know that you have done these things in the last decade.

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revised 4/19/17



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