Do You REALLY Need a Resume for EVERY Job??? 

Do you hate having to write a new resume for every job?

I’m sure that you have heard that you need a resume tailored to every job you apply for.

But “Why?” you ask.  Because your resume is not really all about you.  It is about how you can help that particular company.

“But”, you say, “That is so much work!” It doesn’t have to be.  

Let’s look at this a bit more: A resume is not your memoir.  It is not your whole life on 2 pages.  Even a CV is not everything you have ever done.  You are so very much more than what goes in either of these.

So what exactly is a resume?  

A resume is an advertisement, written for a very small and specific audience about how you can solve their particular problem.  

Does every company have, or think they have, the same problem? Of course not!  Or, at least, they would never admit it.

Does your experience apply to more than one company? Of course it does!  But you need to make it fall off the top half of the first page as the solution to their problem!

Don’t pile your skills and expertise on the hiring manager’s desk like a pile of Legos™ and ask what he would like to build with it.  He needs someone who can “hit the ground running”.  And he wants to know that you have dealt with problems like his.   

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