Do my corporate clients hire from outside the US?

hiring from outside the US


Not all US companies hire from outside the US. I’m frequently asked by people from other countries to help them find a job in the US. Most of the companies I work for as a recruiter are simply too small to deal with H1B visa issues or their HR and Legal departments just don’t know how or have time to learn how to handle them.

In June, 2015, Genetic Engineering News published the following list of companies that do hire internationally:

#15. Johnson & Johnson (including Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies)

#14. Pfizer

#13. Allergan

#12. Merck & Co.

#11. Bayer HealthCare

#10. Regeneron

#9. AstraZeneca and subsidiary MedImmune

#8. Biogen

#7. Gilead Sciences

#6. Sanofi and subsidiary Genzyme

#5. Bristol-Myers Squibb

#4. Amgen

#3. AbbVie

#2. Roche and subsidiary Genentech

#1. Novartis

If one or more of these companies has a branch in your country, starting there for your eventual job in the US would be your best strategy.