Bioscience Job Search Steps

Jobs don’t last a whole career, so at some point you will need a new one.

You will have to do a bioscience job search.  These jobs can “fall into your lap”, but not out of thin air. 

Which ones of these necessary bioscience job search steps do you need help doing?

  1. Identifying your skills, expertise and keywords
  2. Writing “dragon-slaying stories” about your accomplishments
  3. Publishing these two things somewhere on the internet so that hiring managers and recruiters can find you
  4. Deciding what job you want next
  5. Deciding what criteria your new company should meet
  6. Finding the companies that are most likely to meet those criteria and have that job
  7. Finding the people you are connected with inside those companies
  8. Adding more people to your connections inside those companies
  9. Networking with the right people inside the companies to discover if it really is a good company and if they have a dragon you want to slay
  10. Following up with them so that they will know, remember, like and trust you
  11. Writing your resume for each company and each dragon
  12. Preparing for the interview
  13. Delivering the interview (questions to be able to answer and questions to ask)
  14. What to do after you have been hired

Doing each of these steps means that you are in control of your job search and your career.  Neglecting them means that you are waiting for the “Fairy Job Mother” – a long, long wait as she never existed.

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revised 4/21/17