What recruiters really do

I was interviewed by a reporter writing a story on “How to be attractive to Headhunters”. 

It was quite interesting because it was for people just finishing their graduate work. Here are some facts that more experienced job seekers already know and some new data that makes this obvious that this hope is part of the fantasy of the Job Fairy.

First, recruiters (headhunters) are hired by companies to find people for jobs. We do not find jobs for people.  Those professionals who do find jobs for people are called job developers and are usually paid by government grants (if there is any money) to find jobs for special classes of people – the developmentally handicapped or some other group that is deemed unlikely to be able to find a job and be a tax-paying citizen on their own. 

There are also career coaches who are paid by their job seeking clients to help them decide what they want to do and walk them through the process of finding a job.  But recruiters are neither job developers nor career coaches.  They have been hired to find specific people for specific jobs, usually ones that the companies have not been able to find for themselves.

Second, there are not as many jobs as there were before 2008, especially in the biosciences.  Many small and start-up companies simply vanished; many more tightened their belts and made do with fewer people. 

Third, companies, feeling that they could do their own recruiting with the advent of LinkedIn, simply stopped using recruiters.  There are far fewer recruiters today than there were in 2007.  Those that still exist need to be placing experienced people with just the right skill set in order to remain in business. 

All of this means that, as it really has always been, you, as the job seeker, need to take your job search into your own hands. 

normal_Sorting_Hat_Cake (1)There is no sorting hat a la Harry Potter.  No Fairy Job Mother to plop the perfect job in your lap. You have to make choices and do some hard work.

If you need some help – discovering what you want to do in your next job, which companies actually hire people to do that, how to be known, remembered, liked and trusted, call me to set up an appointment to discuss my job search strategy coaching.


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