Are You Polishing Your Resume?


Are you polishing your resume?  Perhaps even “over-polishing” it?

Most people, when faced with a possible job change, spend a great deal of time and energy polishing their (single) resume.  This can be like a cancer that uses your energy and results in nothing good.

A resume is a piece of advertising, a piece of marketing collateral, designed to get you an interview at one particular company.  The same resume cannot be used at multiple companies because each company has a slightly different need, uses slightly different words and needs to be approached slightly differently.  So keep your online presence and profiles up-to-date so it is easy to produce a resume for that particular company!  Keep an ever renewing list of your current skills and the ones you want to use in your next job. Keep notes on the companies you want to work in so you can track their “jargon” and needs.

You will need a new, 2 page resume for every job you apply for.

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