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Because companies don’t hire “potential”, you have to be the one to choose what job you want to go after.  No one has time to figure that out for you.  You can hire a career coach to help you work it out or you can be really brutally honest with yourself and do the hard work to figure it out for yourself.  

Saying to a recruiter or a hiring manager that you want “any job” or that you “could consider any job” or even “I am currently looking for a job opportunity in biotech/pharmaceutical field”.  You have to be the one to  choose what you want to look for, what you want to do in your next job.  

You can run a couple of job searches simultaneously, but it takes twice as much work. And you can certainly be a serial entrepreneur, or serial careerist.  It seems that we are now working for about 50 years and that jobs only last 2-5 years, so you have plenty of time to change careers.  On the other hand, going from VP to barista or barista to VP can be very difficult.  Choose your next job to get you closer to the one you want to retire from.  

Know what you know. Know what people are willing to pay for. Know what you are willing to do.  Know what brings you joy and also brings you toward your personal goals.  This is what it means to “choose a career”.   


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