Opportunity knocks, but…

Opportunity knocks, but only when he knows where to find you

In 2015, Opportunity has joined the internet.  He is much more likely to email you than to knock on your door, or even to call on the phone.  If you are not visible online on LinkedIn or G+ or an industry-affiliated social media platform, how do you expect Opportunity to find you? 




You really do need an email address if you work in the knowledge industries of bioscience.  And at least a LinkedIn Profile, even if you are afraid of spam and cherish your privacy to the point of being a hermit. 

If no one knows you and you are not open to being known by the people in your industry, then how can they remember what you can do, like and trust you well enough to offer you a job? 

Email addresses are free.  Get a professional one.  Or just a boring one.  A basic LinkedIn Profile is also free.  Even if you hate computers and have to access your accounts at the library, GET these!

Some people are afraid of spam – get one of the many computer protectors: Stopzilla and Advanced System Care are both good.  Don’t go to the obvious spam sites.  Use your email provider’s program to filter out the spam. 


Keywords and Dragon-Slaying Stories

Then decide what you want people to know about you, professionally.  Use your keywords and dragon-slaying stories to show how you are prepared for your next job.  Add only a few “non-work” topics to make you more interesting, but do be careful of the norms in your business environment.  What is seen as an asset in one industry, can be seen as a big black mark in another. 

Use all of the real estate you get on your Profile.  Why let the weeds grow when you can show a beautiful and attractive background?  

Language or Jargon

Be aware of getting too deep into your specialty.  Do you remember the Sesame Street song  “That’s about the size of it” – it all depends on where you put your eye.  Really, really technical geeky terms might not mean anything at all to a recruiter or even to a hiring manager who has not been at the bench lately.  Yes, you may have just finished your dissertation about that one tiny thing, but how many companies are currently working on that?  Step up a level and look again.  But don’t go so far up that I can’t really tell what you can do.  I want an introduction, not a four year curriculum plan. 

Yes, you do want to edit your Facebook wall, but what you really need to do is fill out your LinkedIn Profile.  Put the really geeky words in your education space or Experience section where you last used those details.  Save your Summary for your best dragon-slaying story as you would tell it to a bright middle-school student.  (OK, possibly high school, but leave the real geek speech for the depths of a job or an education) 

Want a personal review, videotaped for your convenience?  Click here

What do you look like on social media?

updated 4/6/17



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