Objectives on Resumes

Resume with no objectivesResumes are advertisements designed to get you an interview, not your personal mission statement.

Having an objectives on your resume still has quite a bit of noise on the internet. I think that it is a waste of space.  The company, the hiring manager and the HR person want to know if you can solve the problem they are hiring someone to solve.  Only your mother cares about your future personal development at this moment.

I used to say that if you must have an objective let it be the title of the job you are applying for so I can use it as a tag.

But even this is a waste of space.  You only get 10 seconds of viewing by the first few people who actually look at it (click here for what happens before that). If they have to think about what it is you do and where you might fit in the company, they will put you on the bottom of the pile.  Your resume is really not about you.  It is about their problem and what you can do to solve it.

Hiring managers and HR people are NOT career coaches, especially for people who are not yet contributing to the bottom line.

Here is some more advice on this issue.

Do you have an objective on your résumé?  Why?


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