Networking or Interviewing?

face to faceIf networking is really all about giving, then interviewing is proving that you are worthy to receive.

No one will hire you because you need a job, or because your objective is to (generality, generality) or (ambition, ambition). They will only hire you if they think:
1. You can do the job better than anyone else they are interviewing
2. You can solve the problem better than anyone else
3. They like you because you are likeable
4. They trust you to get the job done.
You have already passed the first and 2nd hurdles – you got past the ATS system and the hiring manager saw something in your resume that made him/her want to meet you in person.
You have probably already been “phone screened” and are now facing an interview.
Remember that “facing an interview” is far more pleasant than “facing a firing squad”!
Now your task is to prove those four points above and decide if you really want the job.
You have prepared well. You know what the company does, why you think you want the job as it was publicized and which of your dragon-slaying stories you might tell. You came prepared and did not need to use the extra cash you brought for bridges and parking so you can go out for lunch afterwards. You are properly dressed (10% better than you would be to work there) and know that you don’t have bad breath. You have already assumed the Superman/Wonder Woman position in private, in the restroom before being called and escorted to the interview room. You have copies of your tailored resume.
You have practiced your interviewing conversations, talking points and questions, your facial expressions and tone of voice. You are confident that you can answer the questions the hiring manager will ask.
What is left? What questions do you have about interviewing?
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