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purchase accutane onlineThe people you network with now have the potential to be there for the rest of your life

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How can you keep your network shiny? What do you have in common?  Can you introduce them to someone else in your network? Provide an interesting link? Share a babysitter?

*Stay in touch

This means reconnect at least once a year.  Some people once a quarter, others only when they have a birthday or new job. Your best friend, daily?  A physical card, a phone call, an email, LinkedIn…..

*Technology helps

What is your plan for using it to maintain contact with your network?  How much time will it take each week?

Not everyone will be online – Gramma is probably more likely to want you to call and other people are too busy to post often.

Where will you look and how much time will it take to keep your network shiny?

I like purchase generic accutane because it scrapes the web, RSS feeds, Facebook and Twitter for postings and mentions of the people and companies you add to it and it provides a dashboard to see it all.

Google Alerts purchase accutane (isotretinoin) scrapes the web and will let you set alerts for topics or companies or people.

Checking these sites (or the emails they send you) can take as little as 15 minutes a week.  If something special has happened to your contacts you can send off a quick email congratulating them, offering a suggestions, providing a connection, etc. I’m using purchase accutanefor this

where can you purchase accutane

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