Mid-career Bioscience Pros

Mid-career Bioscience ProsHave you been in the bioscience industry a while, but have not had to do a job search for a few years?


Things may have changed for mid-career bioscience pros since your last job search, or perhaps you were recruited right out of school, held on through the downturn and are now looking for a place where you can really contribute.


The best way to find a new job is to be known by the people in the companies you would like to work in.  Networking fills 75% of all jobs. Job postings fill only 20% and those are not really high level jobs. And recruiters get only what is left.


We offer weekly, free webinars on the new steps to job search

Skills, Keywords and Profiles

Know what you want to be known for

Industry, Niches and Companies

Do you know who needs you?

Connecting – Targeted Networking   

Do you know how to connect with the right 25-50 people?

Resumes, Interviews and Then What   

Do you know how to write a tailored resume, what questions to ask and be prepared to answer? And how to prepare for the job after this new one?

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