Looking for work – Prep 2

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Take the “ideal next job” description that you wrote and look for the companies in your chosen geography, industry, etc. that would employ or do employ such a person.

Make a list in a spreadsheet with phone number, address, website  and rank it.

Which are your top ten?  Why?  Write that in your spreadsheet.

Click here for a sample:  My Companies Spreadsheet

This is actually a time-consuming task, but it will be most useful.  Check each website and see what the company is doing.  Read their press releases.  This is your industry and you already know quite a bit, but brush up.

Then decide which ones look best to you.

Have at least 20 companies on this list.  You may never get to #20 but you may need to promote some companies and demote others.


  1. Hi, I am requesting you if you can help me find a suitable job in Biotechnology/Pharmacology with respect to my qualification and experience.

    • SF Bay Biorecruiter says

      Unfortunately, as a recruiter, I just don’t have the job that would fit you on my desk at this very moment – this is probably true for most, if not all, of the recruiters you might contact as we each have only those jobs that our corporate clients have asked us to fill. The chances of you randomly finding just the recruiter that has your job at this time is so very small and really not a good use of your time. However I will keep you in mind should one of my clients request your skills.

      That said, I also do job search strategy coaching. I offer this blog and free monthly newsletter (see the sign-up link above) as well as a complementary first session to let you know what my process is and for you to see if you would like to pursue this. If you would like to schedule this, contact me here: https://www.timetrade.com/book/GMKGM

      I’d love to work with you,

      Connie Hampton


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