Looking for work? Get a strategy!

Do you have a work strategy when you see the writing on the wall?

Are you about to be downsized?

Is that expensive PhD not insulating you from the economy?

Now is the time to develop your Job Search Strategy using Targeted Networking so that you are not dependent on job postings, job fairs or recruiters to find the next step in your career, but you can use each to your advantage.

Do you know what the next step should be?  What your title should be? Which companies employ people with that title? Which ones are the best fit for you?  How to network your way into those companies?

If you are not ready with that, then I have a simple (although perhaps not easy) program to polish your network and manage your career.

5 secrets to steer your career to greater heights

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  1. Hi Connie,

    So far so good.
    Have not read all the articles yet.
    That reference vs recommendation article I think I have down already.

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