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18th century Redingote A Promenade 1797 - LinkedIn and romance novels

How can LinkedIn and romance novels set in the 1800’s have anything in common?

Have you read (in Jane Austin novels) how people would get all dressed up and go to the park at a certain time to “promenade”? What do LinkedIn and romance novels have in common?

It is the place to see and be seen – followed up by invitations to tea/coffee. Not much has changed – it is now simply virtual – LinkedIn is the place to see and be seen and now we drink more coffee than tea. 

LinkedIn and romance novels and 1960's promenade

Where can i buy accutane in canada, Where to buy accutane online uk

Do you have all of the parts of LinkedIn filled and showing your very best “dragon-slaying stories”? Or do you just have your name, current title and employer and perhaps the last job you held?

Can we even tell if you might be interested in a job we may be looking to fill?

  • Are you using the keywords that a recruiter or hiring manager may be looking for?
  • Are you following your college so that your old college pals can find you?
  • Are you in groups that your “tribe” belongs to?     

Where can i buy accutane in canada, Where to buy accutane online uk

First, do you have a picture on your profile?  Can we recognize you if we met at Starbucks? Do you look employable? Professional? Since LinkedIn changed where they put the picture, be sure to look straight ahead into the camera.

Can the casual viewer figure out how to get in touch with you outside of the LinkedIn protocol?

Some people feel that LinkedIn can make them too vulnerable to identity theft. But you can get around that a bit by using an email address only for LinkedIn (and perhaps Google+).  Don’t allow people to see your phone number, don’t use your middle initial, etc.  But if people can’t look you up, a purchase generic accutane won’t get you seen either.

It is not what you know,
or even who you know.

It is who knows you. 


Do you need someone to optimize your LinkedIn Profile? purchase accutane (isotretinoin)


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