Learning from Death

It has been a while since I posted.  I’ve been dealing with my mother-in-law’s final days, death and estate.

One of the things we all know is that life is short and everyone dies eventually.  My mother-in-law fought it off for quite some time – dying at 89, at home, with her daughter in attendance and just as she wanted to.

Are you doing what you want to with your life?  Did you pick a direction for your career that is still pleasing you and with which you can really meet your own goals for your career?

Were you a 24/7 kind of worker when you started (since that is how it was in grad school) but you have since been trying to find some sort of “work/life balance” or at least enough time to actually get a good night’s sleep?  What do you do for you?  What do you do for others?

My mother-in-law’s memorial service was a luncheon for her bowling buddies (she bowled until the the last month before she died) at their beloved Mexican restaurant.  Her network was amazingly large for a woman her age.  They all had a good time and remembered her well – a good send off.

friendly networking

Would your career networking friends come to your memorial?  What would they say?  Would there be laughter as well as tears or would people try to simply be presentable?

How do you make friends?  Do you have time for that?  It matters.

People like to work with friends and have their bosses hire them.  Sometimes it is better to be hired and then make friends, but are you making time to do that?  Are you staying in touch with former colleagues and following where they are now?

Life is short.  Make friends when you can!


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