Know, remember, like and trust

Hand outstretched for a handshakeHow does anyone get hired? 

First you have to be known.  Resumes are simply one way for the hiring manager to get to know you.  Today there are many, many ways.  Profiles online, face-to-face meetings for coffee, or beer, or golf, or… introductions by mutual friends, online or off.  You have to be known for what you can do for them.  I know lots of people who are not in the bioindustry, so I’m of no use to them for many jobs and I’m not likely to place them in my client companies.  You know many people outside your industry and there are many people you know whose industry you don’t know.  How can you be known by the people in your industry whom you want to know you?

Once known, you need to be remembered when your skills are needed.  Are you following up regularly?  You need to stay top of mind.  And you don’t want to be a stalker or annoying.  How can you help at least four times before you ask for something?

If you have met the right people and are remembered, are you liked enough for the people to want to work with you?  Studies have shown that many hires are made on “gut feelings”, which is to say, did the hiring manager like you.  It is not a good way to hire, but you might as well take it into consideration.  You will not stay employed for long if no one likes you at that company or if you don’t like them.

Trust is needed because you will be taking a part in growing their “baby”.  Whatever project you are hired to work on is the cherished idea of someone in the company.  Are you trustworthy?  Can you see, embrace and forward their vision?  And how can you convey that to the recruiter and hiring team? 

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