It’s not what you know, it’s who you know – NOT

In fact it is not even who you know, it is who knows you! And your skills and experience.

How can you be known?  How do you want to be known?  Who do you want to know you? 

No one can hire you if they don’t know who you are.  There are an estimated 7+Billion people in the world today.  Neither you nor the manager at the company you want to work for can know all of them.  Neither of you want to. 

We all have our “tribe”, our inner and outer circles.

As you move through your life, many people know you and you have met even more.  It is unlikely that your closest circle has a job for you.  If someone did, you would have it already.  The next circle of who you know also probably doesn’t have a job for you although these are the ones we usually think of when we talk about networking to get a job.  It is the people you don’t know who have the jobs.  And even when you do your research and figure out who they are, they don’t know you (yet).

How can you be known?  It used to be that a generic resume was all it took.  Or perhaps having your name dropped by someone in the company.  Or being the hiring manager’s neighbor or his son’s friend. Now we have to be sharper. who you know who knows you? what is your calling card?

LinkedIn is your new “generic resume” and your G+ hover card is your new “calling card”, those 1700’s precursors of business cards that people left at the door when they went visiting.  People will look you up.  You have to have these profiles. 

How are you presenting yourself on all of your social media profiles? 

But that is not enough.  How many of those 7 Billion people also want the job you want?  How can you move from the hiring managers’ ocean of “complete strangers” to their circle of “I’ve heard of him/her”? 

Just sending a generic resume is not good enough. How can you expect them to find you (when they don’t know your name) out there in the social media ocean is like putting a note in a bottle to get rescued from that island Tom Hanks was shipwrecked on. 

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revised 4/20/17



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