You know you need to keep your digital reputation clean – Here’s why

And it is your Facebook page that will be viewed the most.

There is some debate about the legality of all of this, but why not make it serve your advantage? Clean up your profile and don’t be dumb – don’t post “I’m so drunk” or overly revealing pictures when you want a professional job!


“Transparency” is the word now – people hire people and expect that you are more than what is on your résumé, but make it attractive.

Don’t lose a job because one night after too much to drink, you posted naked pictures of yourself – even politicians can’t get away with that!


How employers screen job applicants using social media –



  1. resumebetter says:


    Awesome blog!

    Love the Reppler data!

    I lived/performed standup comedy in SF Bay Area (17/8 years, respectively).

    If you (or your parents) received an Eastern Onion Singing Telegram or attended Lettuce Amuse U Laff N Learn Terrific School (traffic school) during the mid-80’s….

    Thanks for the blog!

    • SF Bay Biorecruiter says:

      Hi, Braford,
      Thanks for the comment. I like much of your site too. I encourage my candidates to write their own resumes so that they “own” them. I do like the use of graphs that you show and the type size that the over-40 eyes can read.

      Did you deliberately not put your name on your site?

      Connie Hampton

      • Brenda & Roger says:


        As for my name on my site, no, but I have just rewritten / reformatted it, so that is yet to come.

        My name is Roger A. Ford (if you click the Sample: Resume Writer, that’s me!).

        I have a couple WordPress identities

      • resumebetter says:

        No, my name is listed in the “Resume Writer” resume & cover letter samples.

        Thanks! I do write people’s resumes, but want to help those who wish to write their own!

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