Who has my jobs?


Can you see the writing on the wall?  

Who has my jobs? Is your scientific or management job about to disappear due to the failure of a clinical trial or the lack of good funding for another or a recently announced merger?

About 85% of all jobs are not filled through job fairs, online applications or recruiters.  But none of us have been taught how to find a job in a way that we control and which will last us the rest of our careers.  Since, as a recruiter, I know both sides of the job search, I can teach you how to identify and qualify the companies you will want to work in, the people you want to work with and how to be known by the right people.  Sign up for my free inbox magazine and the 5 Secrets of Networking for your career and get started today!


My classes are currently on hiatus for the summer, but if you are interested in a 4 part class on each of the 4 steps, please do email me and I’ll schedule one for you and your friends or others.


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