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— January 2007 — (Photo credit: Live And Basic)

Do you toss projects and “to-dos” over the wall of the holidays only to find them scattered about in January?  I have certainly done this!  So now I am walking around, nudging the splattered bits with the toe of my shoe and trying to decide if and when I should gather them up and actually do them.  It is one way of prioritizing….  Probably not the best.

January is a renewal month – a time to review what worked (or didn’t) last year and start fresh.  How did your job search go last year?  Which things that you did brought the most interviews?

I’m assuming that if your interviews worked, you have a new job and are not now reading this, unless, of course, you took a job that did not turn out to be a good fit or you are one of the elite who knows that all jobs are temp jobs these days.

Please comment with what has worked or shows promise!



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