Job Search is like Dating

job search is like dating

Job search is like dating. I have not had to date for many (many) years, but I wish I’d known then what I know now!

In both dating and job search you are looking for a long-term relationship and many hours a day.

You don’t want a one-night stand or a temp job. So you need to know more about both yourself and the people you are connecting with than just “He/She/It looks good”.

Success with the online methods is about the same no matter what you are looking for – plenty of effort for not much (if any) return. Waiting for the “bluebird of happiness”/Prince in shining armor/Princess in the glass slipper/Fairy Job Mother/recruiter to knock on your door/send you an email/call, have about the same amount of return. Both of these methods in either case mostly lead to depression and possibly self-loathing.

What does work in both cases is to get out there and mingle!

Choose venues and activities that allow you to meet the right people. Plan to meet the right people. Use everything you know about yourself and your Ideal (spouse or job) to get yourself to the right places at the right times. And if they are married/job is filled, keep in touch anyway. Life is very changeable!

Ask your friends and connections to introduce you to the most likely people (for a job, in the most likely companies) but give those people a reason to spend time on you. What is in it for them? What do you have in common? What problem do they have that you can (and want to) solve?

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